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compared to LotU?

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Aestas Book Blog How does this series compare to Lords of the Underworld in terms of:
gripping plot?
steamy love scenes?
slow/fast paced writing?
heart warming/breaking?

any opinions?

Donna I personally like the Alien Huntress series better than LotU. Steamy love scenesand I thought the writing was paced well and it was definitely not heart breaking or heart warming. Not as much angst as LotU and I was really surprised that it was not more popular. It's been a long time since I've read them. I think it's time to revisit the series. The books are keepers IMO.

Aestas Book Blog hmmm ok thanks for the comparison :)

Donna I wish I could be more forthcoming about them and my answers a bit vague, but I guess everyone's tastes are different and you may feel just the opposite. Check one out. I'd be interested in your take.

Aestas Book Blog I just bought the first one today... I'll let you know what I think :)

Donna Great! I hope you enjoy it.

Smara I loved, loved , loved LotU.. I'm getting used to the Alien Huntress series. It's different, but the style of writing is the same. haven't started on the second book, look forward to it.

Fernanda Bomtempo-Marzo I prefer the LotU.... Except for Ectasy after Darkness which was great!

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