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James Hey, guys. Thought I'd start a manga discussion, see if anyone else in the grade reads them. I just picked FMA specifically because I needed to chose a book. Not that I'm expecting too much, but here are a few recommendations if you want a good graphic novel:
An all around great book series, one of my favorites. Characters and plot are all good and it has an interesting and unique alchemy system.

Again, amazing plot. Don't let the beginning fool you, this will likely be one of the darker and more complicated series you read. I also may have read the entire 28 book, 221 chapter series in two days. Couldn't put it down. At all. (figuratively, I read it online)

This series takes some getting used to. The combat is a bit over the top, and lets not lie: the author likes drawing pretty girls. However, the characters are all amusing and the series is basically about how important the bonds of friendship are. Which is also funny, given the context.

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Marchell I love the following manga's
D.N. Angel, Band 14 by Yukiru Sugisaki

Ouran High School Host Club, Vol. 2 (Ouran High School Host Club, #2) by Bisco Hatori

and oh so many more haha Full metal is amazing thought!

James I know of DNAngel, saw the first episode of the show, and I've read and watched some host club. I really enjoyed Host Club, DNAngel seemed interesting but strange.


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i enjoy the other works of the author that made FMA ^^ like Stray Dog. Stray Dog made me cry soo hard :(
i enjoyed Bleach until recently. I stopped liking Naruto a long time ago and honestly never got into OnePiece. Claymore has been good so far. it has kept me intrigued.

James That is almost creepily similar to me. I was super addicted to Naruto and the one day I said to myself, "Why do I like this? It has no plot." I read a lot of Claymore but I think I'm pretty behind now. Is it still going?

Hriju Has anyone read Fruits Basket? It's really good. Actually I love to read Manga, so I know about a lot of good manga. Also, Bleach is good, too.

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Kebby I like FMA (and any other by Hiromu Arakawa) DN Angel,Ouran, Fruits Basket, Bleach as well as Nightmare Inspector, Black Cat, Death Note, Bakuman, Inuyasha and I Am Here (I think that's the english name, I know the Japanese one is Koko ni Iru Yo). Also lots of others.

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Rose Some the manga i like:

1.Skip Beat (funny!!)
2.Naruto (amazing, funny)
3.Koko ni iru yo (sweet)
4.Beauty Pop (really good)
5.Tokyo Crazy Paradice (simply awesome)
6.Fruits Basket (it may seem like a girly book but it is honestly one of the best manga i have ever read)

There are a ton of others that i like but these are the first that come to mind :P

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VG/Allie Please tell me that someone other than me has read "Silver Diamond" or "Wofl's Rain" (I like that manga better than the anime.)

I love FMA!!!!! I've got books 1-4 and am hooked

Valerie I've read just under 100 series. Bleach, Inuyasha, and Death Note were my favorites and I enjoyed a lot of smut.

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Kate Luysterborg I personally love FMA, I've got all the graphic novels neatly lined up on my shelf.
Others I love are Death Note, and consequently Bakuman (same creators), it's really interesting if you want to find out more about publishing manga, it shows the entire process set in Shonen Jump.

Others I like are Rurouni Kenshin, Black Butler, Lucky Star and K-on!.

Jonathan Wheeler you know, I like Fullmetal Alchemist, cus thats the only manga i've read, but it's LEGENDARY.

Bookishnymph *needs hea* I love the following: Shugo Chara, Kitchen Princess, Chibi Vampire, Stepping on Roses, Sailor Moon, Library Wars, Tokyo Mew Mew, and Chi's Sweet Home.

Madwarrior 1. Bakuman
2. Fullmetal Alchemist
3. Inu Yasha
4. Mar
5. Hikaru No GO
6. Whstle
Those are my favorite

Ellysa I think FMA is one of those mangas that is able to appeal to even those who generally don't like it. And FMA Brotherhood anime= the best.

1. Ouran Highschool Host Club- I've gotten so many guys into this manga is ridiculous, funny anime too!
2. Death Note- AMAZING... and my dad is in love with the live action movies haha.
3. D Gray Man- I read this all online in under a week.. LOVE IT!
4. Fairy Tail- yeah so the author is obsessed with drawing girls in weird positions but the storyline is damn good.
5. Kekkaishi- amusing enough :)

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James wrote: "That is almost creepily similar to me. I was super addicted to Naruto and the one day I said to myself, "Why do I like this? It has no plot." I read a lot of Claymore but I think I'm pretty behind ..."

yes, you can read the new ones on MangaStream and i think Mangafox has the old ones. ^^

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VG/Allie What about the serise GetBackers is it ok?

Ellysa I haven't read all of it, but thought it was pretty good. Won't hurt to just check it out- everyone's tastes are obviously different.

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VG/Allie k thx

Cayra My favorites are Skip Beat! and Library Wars, but I also like Vampire Knight (although I will admit, the endlessness of it is getting to me) and Fruits Basket (soooooooo sweet!) and a few others.

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VG/Allie Libarary Wars? never heard of it

Samantha  Rizzuti Library Wars is awesome xD

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Cayra It's about what happens when the government passes a censorship act against books; the libraries create a mini-government with the right to protect their books against the censorship brigade! It's awesome, and makes you think about our own policies against book banning and such.

Also, the main character is like the main character in Skip Beat! where she's not really "smart" but she's tough and can get the job done.

Thaddeus i am batman I bought the Full Metal manga, not only is the manga great but the books look so sexy, you should also have a look at the blue exsosit its sooo cool :)

MizziQ Full metal I love and also Soul Eater

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Nazish Ahmed (Nazish Reads) I have these mangas:

-FMA (I have vol. 1-5, 20-27, it was so hard to find the ones between 3 and 24, I just need to go hunting for the rest, although I read the whole series and the Brotherhood anime, I like that anime better than the first one, I don't like the ending in the first one. I love this series so much)
-Some Inuyasha manga
-Some Ranma 1/2
-Codename Sailor V (the complete series)
-Sailor Moon
-Dengeki Daisy
-Blue Exorcist
-Fairy Tail vol. 1 (it's so hard to find between vol. 1 and 15 in stores, I'm probably going to have to order them online, I don't like ordering things online)
-Soul Eater
-Skip Beat
-Library Wars vol. 1 (haven't read it yet, that's why I only have vol. 1 of this manga)

I love all of the mangas I mentioned above, they are so good, except for the ones I haven't read it, because I don't know if I like them yet (obviously).

I have some others too.

I also have Fruits Basket vol. 1 from when I used to love that series, now I hate it (especially Tohru, she's doesn't have any interesting qualities, she's so boring and never stands up for herself), I will probably either sell it or do a giveaway, I don't know which yet.

I also love Kodocha (I like the anime better because it's funnier than the manga)
I also love and want to collect these mangas soon:

-Rurouni Kenshin
-One Piece (I'm looking for the bind up, which is hard to find since they aren't sold in stores around here anymore, only some of the single volumes are, but there are over 60 volumes in this series and I don't have enough room for that much, plus it will take me too long and be so expensive to buy them all).
-Case Closed
-Maid Sama

Sammi The first manga I really got into was Elfen Lied, though I must admit... the last few volumes really let the manga down.
I still read Bleach and Naruto, though.
I've read a hell of a lot of manga... not all noted on this site but FMA is amazing.
Amazing as anime, too.

Thaddeus i am batman why carnt people am the anime perfect to the manga, thank the lord for Fma brotherhood :)

GinAndCats Ahh, this is a good place to find new mangas! a whole manga forum!!! *happy dance*

Thaddeus i am batman realy that made a new form *joins happy dance*

Michael anybody here reads Berserk?

Queen of Shadows *damon salvatores lover* Rose wrote: "Some the manga i like:

1.Skip Beat (funny!!)
2.Naruto (amazing, funny)
3.Koko ni iru yo (sweet)
4.Beauty Pop (really good)
5.Tokyo Crazy Paradice (simply awesome)
6.Fruits Basket (it may seem like..."

i agree with you there n to add onto the awsome list:

death note
pandora hearts
vampire knight

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Ash Mill Marchell wrote: "I love the following manga's
[bookcover:D.N. Angel Band 14]

Ouran High School Host Club, Vol. 2 (Ouran High School Host Club, #2) by Bisco Hatori

and oh so many more haha Full metal is amazing thought!"

Me too especially ouran high school host club i love hikaru

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Ben Liar Game. It's an amazing manga that is full of witty tricks, yet stressing a lot on relationship between human beings.

Alexis Uchiha 1. naruto
2. bleach
3. full metal alchemist
4. vampire knight
5. nana
6. rosario vampire

Nicholas yes

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I love Ouran High School Host Club!
Fairy Tail
Hana Kimi
Beauty Pop
These are some of the few I love

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So many good ones! I've read a lot of these, though. And watched the anime. I love Ouran High School Host Club and Pandora Hearts and BLEACH!

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Kurt Rocourt If you want something more classic or more mature checkout manga from Dark Horse Comics. Lone Wolf and Cub, Lady Snowblood, and Ghost in the Machine are just some of what they have.

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Redd Kaiman I got a library full of mangas in my town. I'm thinking about picking up some Love Hina.

Check out my webcomic, updates every Thursday: http://reddkaiman.blogspot.com/2013/0...

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Aisha Jonathan wrote: "you know, I like Fullmetal Alchemist, cus thats the only manga i've read, but it's LEGENDARY."

It is. *claps*

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Aisha i read many manga's it'll be too hard to list them all

currant favorite is Dengeki Daisy
and Kimi ni Todoke

i loved FMA too, finished it a while ago though

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Yuki Iwashi i love full metal

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Yuki Iwashi its the best

Tatianna Sims Death note, Fullmetal Alchemist and Bleach are my favorites.

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