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Liv (osf1998) Bree sat at the end of the table, trying to put as much room between her and the rest of the Gryffindors as possible. It wasn't that she didn't like them, she thought as if to reassure herself. She just wasn't in the mood for their playful joking and banter.
She was early to the Great Hall and therefore only a few students mingled around the room or pushed aside their dining utensils and finished last minute essays on goblin rebellions for Professor Binns or hopelessly leafed through their Divination homework.
Bree hadn't brought her homework, as she'd finished it earlier instead of socializing after classes like the other kids. Her Gilderoy Lockhart autobiography was completely self-absorbed and she didn't really enjoy reading about his egotistical triumphs over magical creatures that were described with vague details and penned in an unsure manner.
It had been a present, the book. From her father.
Shaking away the thoughts that began to pool at the remembrance of the day he'd presented it to her, she played idly with her fork.
I wish Andrew was here, she muttered inwardly.

Alex is a Crazy Pony Clover was sitting at the end of the Slytherin table. She had finished all o her homework and would have been outside if not for the quiet rumblings that foreshadowed a storm.

She was building a large house of cards, and it was currently at five feet tall. She glanced around and saw a cute couple holding hands and chatting. She wondered what it was like to hold hands with someone, to have someone like you. She tried to shake off the thought and went back to her house of cards

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Liv (osf1998) ((Ahbv<3))

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Liv (osf1998) "Well..." Bree said teasingly. "I want something in return. After all, I've grown quite fond of it..."
The Muggle song 'Kiss the Girl' from The Little Mermaid was playing in her head.

Alex is a Crazy Pony ((Yup :D

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Liv (osf1998) ((hahahahaha sorry I'm back))

"Hmm..." Bree inclined her head towards him as if he was on review. "Maybe a--"
"Students, students!" Dumbledore announced, and everyone fell quiet.
"I'll tell you later. Meet me in the common room at eight?"

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Liv (osf1998) ((sdjkfsjdf))

Bree watched him out of the corner of her eye for a second, taking him all in. One time she thought he caught her looking, and she blushed and turned away, trying to focus on Dumbledore even though her mind raced about the common room meeting later. Should she be upfront and ask him to date her or kiss her or something? Or be coy and flirtatious? She wasn't experienced with this stuff.

((Do you want ot make a common room topic or should I?))

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Liv (osf1998) ((Okaysters goody))

Everything Dumbledore said was a jumbled blur in her mind as a wave of applause met her attention. She sat up and stretched for a second, taking a risky glance over at Andrew and then climbing off the bench.
"Don't forget," Bree whispered into his ear confidently, but inside she was trembling and nervous.

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Liv (osf1998) ((that's what i was hoping there's nothing interesting about describing bree watch andrew chew his food justsaying))

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Liv (osf1998) ((haha this is adorbs))

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Liv (osf1998) ((like i can't wipe the smile off my face it's just too cute. i want a guy like this in real like hhaha))

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Liv (osf1998) ((hahahha ik MY ANDREW WHERE ARE YOU???????????????))

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Liv (osf1998) ((hahaha i wish knights in shining armor and princes were much easier to spot in teenage boys then they really are...xD))

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Liv (osf1998) ((sdklfdfjlksdlfsjlkdfjksdflsf))

Alex is a Crazy Pony ((That would be.. violent. We'd fight over them like lions.))

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Liv (osf1998) ((Hahahahhahaha yes but at least we'd know we were fighting over the right guys, not secretly awful ones no?))

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Liv (osf1998) Bree grinned wildly, feeling Andrew's warm, clammy hand in hers. She felt the molten gazes of lots of people on her, but she didn't care. The feeling of him, heat emanating off of him in waves and even the faint smell of perspiration from him made butterflies of happiness in her tummy.
"They're staring," Bree whispered in his ear.

Alex is a Crazy Pony ((Could you please make a folder for the school grounds, like the lake and forest and whatnot?))

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Liv (osf1998) "Hey," Bree murmured, "See you later, after school on the forbidden grounds?" her voice held a question, but her eyes knew the answer.

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Liv (osf1998) Bree felt nervousness tingling through her as she sat next to him, and heated gazes were still burning into her back. She softly closed her eyes, just letting her lashes flutter, and focused on the feeling of his hand in hers. His soft but callused big sun-browned fingers clasped around her tiny alabaster ones, the constant beat of pulse at his wrist. She glanced down and admired the way their hands fit together, like pieces of a puzzle. Like they were meant to be.

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Liv (osf1998) She nodded her head slowly, still feeling her heart thump anxiously at her chest. "It's ok. It doesn't matter what they think." She leaned in close, brushing her nose against his cheekbone as she turned to whisper in his ear, "We're together now. That's all that matters." She let out a puff of cool wintergreen breath and sat back, pleased at the stunned faces of onlookers and the happy expression on Andrew's face.

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Liv (osf1998) "I'm actually a vegetarian..." inwardly she giggled at the surprised expression on his face.
"Oh, I'm sorry," he said, looking embarrassed. "I'll just--"
Bree laughed. "You're so silly. Gimme that stuff! Vegetarian my ass."

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Liv (osf1998) "Of course," she chuckled, shoveling a forkful of the juicy meat in her mouth. When the meal was finished she smiled and got up before him, then put her fingertips to his lips and gently brushed them off, sashaying off and saying "Forest. Meet me." without turning around.
Inside, her heart was still fluttering in the cavities of her chest like a butterfly trapped within.
Oh, Bree, she thought as people whispered in dim corners as she passed, deliberately not making eye contact. Andrew was always popular. Everyone knew him, everyone thought he was their best friend, and every girl wanted to date him. Bree..not so much.

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