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Milo, looking around, made sure school was not in session as he made his way to through the school yard. He had gone from one extreme to the next. Once in a loud and crowded train station, he was happy to be hearing his own shallow breathing and thudding heartbeat. He took a seat on a swing, letting his slender legs stretch. "I must look like a fool. But no matter." He told himself.

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Milo swung a little bit more, looking at Angela with interest.

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Milo gently returned the gesture, trying not to smile too wide. Human interaction! Yes! this was the most he had exchanged with a person in several weeks, and it made him happy to finally, even thoguh the gesture was feeble, to be noticed.

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He looked up to the sky, his hair falling behind his head in a weird angle, as he nodded very quickly. "My my yes! My favorite type of days! Hopefully, it will rain. I always love it when it rains! Hmm...Maybe THATS why I moved to London...?"

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He returned his head to its original position, and looked her seriousyl in the eye. "I second that, m'lady. But..." He looked to the empty seat next to him. "Would you mind sitting with the lonely man that is I for just a mere moment? A mere minute or so? I'd love to get aquainted..."

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"Oh, for a while now. Maybe....Maybe 2 weeks or so? A lnog time for me, you see? I neevr stay in one place too long...for...certain reasons.." He blushed slightly. "But, nevermind. And you, miss? Hwo long have you occupied this glorious city?"

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He noticed the brilliant color of her smile. Eh....Soemthing's fishy... He thoguht to himself, but didnt act upon it. "I know how you must feel. I used to live in a very beautiful country quite some time ago, and boy! I never thoguht I would ever leave in my wildiest dreams! Oh well, all's well that ends well, for lack of a better saying.." His eyes glimmered, sort of exposing the feline glint he usually got when he was overly-excited.

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He said nothing for a moment, which was a hard restrain. He loved to talk. "I see you've discovered one of my...many...secrets...care to know the rest?"

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He nodded. "And you arent human either, are you? Glad we have a common interest..." He looked her up and down, then finally concluded. "Vampire, am I right? Dont worry! I dont discriminate!" A wicked smile played on his lips.

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"Oh, what? Now your leaving? Why? Because I can read people and i'm not a stupid oaf? I see how it is!" he stood as well.

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He stared at them, and couldnt help but admire them. "They are quite gorgeous...You are very lucky to be outfitted with such..." He rolled his eyes and clasped his hands together. "...quite accessories! Kitten's claws and paws are no match for your pearly whites! I must say, I am truly jealous!"

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"The second option, my dear. And, don't pity me. I need no pity. I only bring this wallow and misery upon myself." Which, was the truth. "And, you believe I have potential? I pity YOU!!" And, he cackled loudly. "You DO make me laugh, Miss! But, I must say I do grow tired of adressing you so formally. Shall we swap...Names??" His eyebrows raised seductively, but he had no intention of comnig on to her.

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"Angel..." He let the word linger for a moment. "I am Milo Frobes, but...It doesnt matter much...I am of no importance. Nobody truly cares." He refused to answer why he pitied her.

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"Ah....Well..." He looked a little nervous, which wasn't an expression he showed well. "I...I pity you because...because, you see...Anyone who thinks I have potential MUST be delusional or under some sort of substance..." He continued to babble, until he finally covered his own motuh with his hand.

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"Oh." Was all he could say. "I see...But, why should I change myself for defense? I dont anyone attacking me at random, now do I? I'm just a poor little boy who happens to like the same gender, and...And...Shit, I did it again!" He looked angry with himself. "There I go, confessing EVERY LITTLE DETAIL to the world...Makes me sick, myself! A thousand pardons, Angel..."

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"But, you are the only person in a long time who has given me the time of day...so, therefore, you are my world at the moment..." He mumbled, barely audible. It felt nice to hear her say that she was okay with his feelings. Not many people were. He thoguht of his own family, and why he had moved, and shuddered.

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He smiled. "You think so or you know so?"

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He took her hand and kissed it gently. "Who wouldve ever thought that the shapeshifter and vampire would strike it up so quickly In midafternoon on a playground made for 5 year olds!?!?"

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He smiled when he heard her laugh. "Miss, might you have a boyfriend of some sort? A play thing? a boy toy? Or are you as terribly lonely as I?"

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He looked down. "Terrible, Terrible. Did you bring this upon yourself, just as I have? Or is it only because you've been classified as 'monster'?"

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"Oh, but doll!" He said with dramatic flare and a roll of the eyes. "They dont even get to know you, now do they? People are so....so...biased...If you've seen one you've seen 'em all! Same goes with people..." He began walknig in the opposite direction, beckoning her to follow. He had begun to lose feeling in his legs, so he thought a nice stroll was suitable.

Winter Rose Phantom Jasmine was in the form of a bird as she flew onto the campus of teh school. Next to the playground, when she was sure no one was watching her, she shifted into a cat. Then she headed out and started to walked around a bit.

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Milo turned to face the cat, and smiled. "Ah. How lovely to see some fellow felines..." he always had had a horrible time concentrating on one thing. He usually got off track.

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"Hmm. Be cautious. It looks mysterious." He sort of backed away from her, and looked to Angela. "Oh, i'm sorry! Where was I? Oh, yes...I'd hardly call a creature like you a monster. There are worse things out there. People are ignorant fools."

Winter Rose Phantom Jasmine tilted her head as she watched them, and then Mewed once.

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Milo sighed. "you think we should....pet it...?"

Winter Rose Phantom Her ears twitched a bit as she listened to them speak. She mewed again.

Winter Rose Phantom Jasmine sat, looking up at them. True, She thought

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"How the hell do you see that?" He always seemed to be oblivious to other shapeshifters. "Then, by all means...Lets introduce ourselves..." He began to walk over to the cat.

Winter Rose Phantom Jasmine nodded, looked around a moment, then shifted to her human form. She had long white hair, which looked soft, A tail-looking Item which was attatched to her clothing(at least that's how it appeared) and Ice blue eyes. She smiled at them and inclined her head to the to of them.

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Milo gave her a kurt nod, and extended a hand. "Why, hullo there. how do you do?"

Winter Rose Phantom "I am good. Thank you for asking." She said with a smile, "My name is Jasmine. Nice to meet you both." She said in an unaccented voice, though it had sort of a musical tone to it.

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Milo looked back to Angela, then back to Jasmine. He forced a smile, as he nodded. "Indeed, indeed. Shapeshifter...I'm pleased to meet another one! Now I know im not alone! And, of course, I love your taste in forms! Cats are always the best!"

Winter Rose Phantom Jasmine smiled as she talked with Milo, bu then noticed that Angela was leaving, "Where is she goign?" She asked him, a bit curious.

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Milo called to her, buthe knew it was pointless. "Oh, she have something important to attend to...." It stung a little, knowing he would probably never meet up with her again

Winter Rose Phantom "Is that so..."She said aloud. "By the way, I never got your name..." She said.

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"Oh, I am Milo. Milo Frobes." He took a quick bow for show

Winter Rose Phantom "Nice to meet you Milo." She said with a smile.

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He smiled wide. So wide, it almost too up all of his face. "So...Shapeshifter...Very, very interesting. Which form do you like best?"

Winter Rose Phantom "The nore practical ones, But the Wolf is a particular favorite."

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"Hmm. Interesting. I have never tried that before. I always go for the small things, like the mouse or a mosquito. The prey. It puts thrill in the adventure. If that makes sense..."

Winter Rose Phantom "I believe it does."Jasmine said with a smile

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