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Apollinaria Fowl (riverclan_kitty) The In-Between is separated from the Darkness and Light sides by the great river _. It rages through mountains and then splits into two rivers named Lumen and Umbra that run down the sides of the darkness and light territories.

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Fara looked down the mouth of the great river.She saw some fish and smiled.If she could get close enough she could spear one with her sword.

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) Seppher traveled along the river and his stomach grumbled. He reached out an aging hand and shot a fish with lightning, then lifted it out with his magic and began eating the cooked seafood he had made.

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Fara heard the crack of lighting and hide behind a boulder.She wanted to see where it came from but she also did not want to fight at that moment.

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) Seppher finished off the fish and then kept going on his way down the river... he had a delivery to make.

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Fara saw the figure getting close and made her way farther down the river.If this guys is on the dark side i;m gonna be in for a fight

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) Seppher stopped when he noticed a baby bird fallen from a nest... he couldn't touch it or the mother would kill it so he lifted it magically back to the nest, "There you are now," his old voice cooed.

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Fara saw him use magic to help the bird and smiled.That was very nice......This guys can't be evilShe stepped out of hiding and waved."Nice move there"

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) "Who goes there?" he shouted and cast a small freezing charm to stop her motion in case she was dangerous.

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Fara cursed in her mind."Not going to hurt you.Mind chilling with the magic"

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) He lowered his grisled hand, "Fine, but don't you dare try anything, or it shall be more than just a freezing charm," the spell lifted.

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Fara laughed."Trust me old man If I were gonna do something it would have been done."

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) He glared at her... "What are you doing out here anyway?"

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"Living.What are you doing sunshine"Fara smirked leaning on her sword.

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) "Trying to make a delivery... are you the person I'm trying to fine to give this to," he held out a small orange vial in a shaky hand.

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Fara squinted at the vial."Is it flame elixir? If not then no."

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) "Depends... who's asking for it?" he was suspicious.

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"Fara is.Me and you are?"Fara asked.

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) "I am Seppher of the Marsh... Are you of light or dark?"

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"Neutral"Fara said shifting her sword.

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) "Hmm, then you must be the person I was looking for," he took out the vial and tossed it to her. "Consider it a gift, but I must ask one thing, what do you need it for?"

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Fara caught it and smiled."It keeps me from burning up the forest"She said popping the top off the vial and gulping down the orange liquid.

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) "Then you know it wasn't easy to make," he muttered. "If there is any other way I can be of service to you," he bowed lowly and got up slowly.

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Fara nodded and bowed to him."Yes I know and thank you for this.One day I hope to not need this stuff until then I have to have it"

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) "There might be a way, but I'm not sure. I'd have to do some more research, but I need to go gather some more ingredients to create another batch of it," he bent down and gathered a few Angel's Kiss mushrooms.

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Fara nodded."You seem a little old to be a messenger"

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) "I'm more than just a messenger, and I'm not that old," his wrinkled glare said otherwise along with the cough that went after it.

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Fara smirked and hide a laugh."No your a spring chicken"

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) He finished coughing, "I'm still just as deadly as I was in my youth..."

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"I wouldn't put it past you Seppher."Fara said."So is this all you do?"

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) "Create potions?" he asked. "No, I'm a mercenary of sorts. An assassin if you will. Like I said, I'm much more deadly now."

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Fara nodded."I'm just a hunter"

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) "But which faction are you, Light or Dark?" he narrowed his eyes slightly to get a better look at her.

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Eugenia9 **LS9** | 206 comments Mod
Kira just left the fields and headed towards the river. She spotted two figures and padded towards them. She said,"A hunter? And who are you? What are you two doing here, this is isn't a place for war you know? Now if you would please go back to your territories or you can tell me what's going on and I can take you back to camp."

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) "I don't belong to either faction," he spat. "How dare you tell me what to do? I am quite a bit older than you."

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Eugenia9 **LS9** | 206 comments Mod
Kira sighed,"Oh good, neutral members... and here I thought I was the only one these days."

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) "Ah, so you are also in the middle. Are you a hunter too?"

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Eugenia9 **LS9** | 206 comments Mod
Kira replied,"I'm actually kind of like a fighter, because of my skill in energy fighting, but a hunter in the arts of the bow."

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Fara listened quietly taking the new person."Close enough"

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) Seppher nodded his head, his staff still up.

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Fara flipped her sword in her hand."Being a fighter sounds like a lot more work."

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Eugenia9 **LS9** | 206 comments Mod
Kira smiled a bit and said,"Yeah."

A sudden noise caught Kira's attention.

"What was that?" Kira said shockingly.

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) Seppher listened intently... "Dark and dangerous times these are... Muffliato! There we can talk in peace without the fear of being overheard..."

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Fara nodded clutching her sword tightly."old mans right.This is not a safe place"

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) "We can talk safely now," he said after he cast the muffling charm. "Still not the safest place, though..."

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Eugenia9 **LS9** | 206 comments Mod
Kira sighed,"I think I'm going to cross over on to the Light's territory to ask them what's up, after all it's my wish to keep peace between the two sides."

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) "Do you want an escort?" he asked politely with a little bow. "I can offer my protection and help."

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"I'll come just to see what's up.I like to be in the know"Fara said.

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Eugenia9 **LS9** | 206 comments Mod
Kira said,"Okay." She left for the forest and onto the territory line.

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Fara followed behind.

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