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What's your favorite Sidney Sheldon Book??

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Shannon Okay, since he is my favorite author EVER.. this is very hard for me but I'm going to say...

Rage of Angels
If Tomorrow Comes
The Other Side of Midnight

are my top three!

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Valerie Knox I have 3 favorite Sidney Sheldon novels: Master of the Game,Rage of Angels and Bloodline

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Sas My favorite Sidney Sheldon book is The Other Side Of was the first book of his I read and I still love it now...

புழுதி The Other Side Of Midnight
Stranger in the mirror

Divya I started reading fiction books only because of Sidney Sheldon. My fav author. The 2 fav books - Bloodline and Tell me your dreams. Fantastic..!!!!

Nitin Shetty Top 4 in the order of preference:
1) Master of the game
2) If tomorrow comes
3) Stranger in the mirror
4( Tell me your dreams

Debbie My personal favorites would be Stars Shine Down and The Best Laid Plans.. It's amazing how people do anything to chase all of their dreams.

Sheryl Wow, where do I start!
The other side of Midnight
A stranger in the Mirror
Memories of Midnight
The Naked face
Rage of Angels

sari of course Nothing Lasts Forever and Rage of Angels but the ending so pathetic :(

Sheryl To be honest, I can't remember the endings

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Sue Two of my all time favorite Sidney Sheldon books is Master of the Game & If Tomorrow Comes. MOTG was not the easiest read at first but once you got into it, wow! What a story! It keeps you interested to the last page. It was one of those books where you know the end is coming and you just want it to last a little longer so that you can stay in the story. Great book!
My other favorite will always be If Tomorrow was also a mini-series and was actually very well done. It stuck very close to the book and I enjoyed it immensely. I would read both of these books again and again.

JerriFaye Thomason The Other Side Of Midnight and The Naked Face. I have all of his books in hard backs. It was always my hopes if he came close enough was to get autograph on them. Sorry to say that never happened. Sheldon was a great author.

Vorrutyer If Tomorrow Comes.

Diana Definitely "The Other Side of Midnight"

JerriFaye Thomason Didn't know that, thanks for the info. I will have to buy it "Mistress Of The Game." Was it a good book? Thanks again.


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Sas The Other Side of Midnight...My first ever Sydney Sheldon book and to this day my favourite.

Farheen Sidney Sheldon-the writer who got me addicted to reading and reading and writing!His style is just so different and so amazing...I'm going to be reading the last of his books and am thinking "why couldn't he live a little more and write some more?"
Anyway, my top three picks would definitely be:
Rage of Angels
Nothing lasts forever
If tomorrow comes

Sagar Tell me your dreams
Nothing lasts forever
If tomorrow comes
this are my top 3 for the list, but he is my fav author so all are gd for me

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Marcris Rage of Angels
If Tomorrow Comes

Chikki tell me your dreams

Amanda Master of the Game - I've read it several times. It's one of my all time favorite books.

Amanda Kyle ~The Rebel Leader~ wrote: "Has anyone read "Mistress Of The Game"? The new Sheldon Book? It's a sequel to "Master Of The Game"--it came out in 2010, after he died. I own a copy."

This book wasn't written by him. It might be interesting to see what someone else did with the characters but...I don't have the high Sydney Sheldon hopes.

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Tell me your dreams. I have read it 3 times.

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Fang Spade Nothing Lasts Forever!!! my all time favourite.....I would hesitate reading it for million times....!

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Maliha tell me your dreams

Aafaq Ahmed Bloodline was my first read by Sheldon so obviously it appealed me much more than those I read later.

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Eden Suan I haven't actually read all his books but so far, my all time favorite would be Memories of Midnight and Tell Me Your Dreams....

Gurlene Master of the game!

Gurlene Rage of angels..

Anoop If Tomorrow Comes, Rage Of Angels and Stranger In The Mirror

Karen If Tomorrow Comes!

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beedreamer 1.gospodar igre
2.gospodarica igre
3.pakleni planovi
4.gnev anđela
5.jutro,podne i noć
5.ako dočekam sutra

Iries one of my favorite is if tomorrow comes, one of my favourite. i have read it 3times!!!

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Ree Definitely The Other Side of Midnight.

Juanita M. Master of the Game was AMAZING!! Its been a long time since I last read it... I may have to read it again :)

*MariaA* Definitely:

1.If tomorrow comes
3.Other side of midnight

Rubie I love him! But my faves all time are: Master of the Game, If tomorrow Comes, and The Other Side of Midnight. I watched the movies and mini series.

Swrbb Rye Windmills of Gods.....

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Nick Norton definitely Rage of Angels.

Beldandy Belissima my all time fav is Tell Me Your Dream & Windmills of The Gods.

Chari This is a tough battle, I was surprised I finished reading a book of his in one seating. I'm attached to his novels because the characters always become successful and tragic. All of them lived a messed up life. Now I'm thinking I'm answering a wrong question which should be, Do you like most of Sidney Sheldon' books?

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Mine is Tell me your dreams

Soumya - if tomorrow comes
- mater of the games
- Rage of angles

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Ira 'If Tomorrow Comes' without any doubt...I think the movie is to blame)))) seen and read several times)

Dayna Rubin If Tomorrow Comes
Master of the Game
Rage of Angels

Deepika Master of the game
Rage of Angels

Viktoriya The only one that really stands out for me is "If Tomorrow Comes". It was my first introduction to Sidney Sheldon. I read it in the summer of 1994. I went to Moscow and the family I was staying with gave me this book to read (in Russian translation). I have no memories of things I did or saw in Moscow. LOL. Judging from some pictures I have, I did a lot of sight-seeing, but my nose and my mind was only in this book :) I was reading it non-stop, everywhere I went. About 90% of those pictures are showing me holding the book. Simply fantastic. I've been actually meaning to re-read this one and all of Sheldon's books again. Maybe it will be my goal for 2013.

Dayna Rubin Yes, Sidney Sheldon had an incredible way of breathing life into a page. His characters were original and described in an out of the ordinary way so the reader really felt in touch with the story. We truly lost a great author when Mr. Sheldon passed. I believe he was a genius...some of his ideas that I loved from his book 'If Tomorrow Comes', were the home break in coverup where Whitney put on the robe and cleansing mask to fool the officers into thinking she was the mistress of the house, and second was how the best chess player in the world could be tricked into playing against himself and losing...and the sprinkling of rice crispies showing how the inmates were in control, then of course the end with her payback with Max... Loved it! I can only hope to achieve that level of talent in my writing, but I will keep trying!

Nivedita Bansal Master Of The Game
If tomorrow Comes

Sweety If Tomorrow Comes. I just loved it..

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