A World Out of Time (The State, #1) A World Out of Time question

*Spoiler* Why didn't the Boys know about?
Mark Mark Nov 01, 2011 11:45AM
Why didn't the Boys know what the double phone booth did in the hospitals? If they repaired all the technology then they should have known the function and therefore the source of Dikta immortality. I loved this book - read it twice - but I can't get past this minor point. Surely Larry has a reason for this.

My issue with the phone booth was simply that it was a plot device to fool you. I was rolling my eyes through this chase scene and totally missed the fact that this was the source of the immortality. It felt really contrived. The novel as a whole is a gross disappointment, to my tastes. Granted that this era of SF did not see much in the way of characters mattering at all, it's still tough sledding to get through. To my taste, not of Niven's good efforts.

The Boys repaired technology that was specific for their own uses, i.e the auto surgeon with the scalpel. Anything else was just left alone so I assumed that the double booth was a remnant from long ago that was still working

Other than the fact that they didn't really care I don't think there's a very good answer. Since he gave them immortality he could justify them not getting analytical about what they were repairing and solely focusing on maintaining a rapid transit system. My problem with the whole thing is that he gave the Boys and Girls inherent immortality by preventing puberty. I see this as being because he was so focused on reproduction and death. I forget about this book specifically but in some he said that once the body has reproduced evolution is done with it. Although this sounds good and was a main theme of his Protectors it is a dramatic oversimplification of medical reality.

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