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Hamlet Act I - Final Thoughts (homework for 11/1 and 11/2

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message 1: by Kari (new)

Kari Matteson | 13 comments Mod
If Hamlet were your friend, what advice would you give him regarding his feelings about his father, mother, uncle? (minimum 75 words):

message 2: by Rocio (new)

Rocio | 4 comments Hamlet, old buddy, old pal, listen to me. I know that you are still mourning the loss of your father and I respect that. It is completely reasonable to be sad over his death. Now comes the part that hurt even worse than losing your father, your mother marrying your uncle. Not only did she marry your uncle, but the fact that she did it so soon after your father's death made everything worse. I think that you should try to talk to your mother and your uncle. Tell them how you feel but be nice about it.

message 3: by Michelle (new)

Michelle | 3 comments Hamlet it's time to be completely honest with you. I fully disagree with the idea of our king ,your uncle, marrying your mother. Your father recently passed away and I'm more than positive that you are still mourning at this very moment. Your mother and uncle are very selfish for not taking your feelings into consideration and for that they will soon pay. I understand that the ghost of your father has told you to murder your uncle, please take the time to ponder your decision. I know that you are upset at the moment and find no meaning in life, but in time justice will come to take place. At the moment your rage is controlling your thoughts and actions. Do not let your anger control you, for it is your anger that will lead to your downfall. What I am trying to get to your head is "what goes around comes around". Your uncle is a very horrid man and soon in time will pay his wrong doings. My dear Hamlet do not let your uncle get the best of you.

message 4: by Taylor (new)

Taylor | 6 comments Look Hamlet, I understand that you have just learned that your uncle killed your father you want to get revenge and kill him but you should not let your anger control your actions. One day your uncle will have to pay for his actions and this is not a matter for such a young boy to decide. If you take place in this never ending cycle of hatred then you too will have to receive your punishment and you will become the beast that you proclaim your uncle to be. There is no satisfaction from killing someone who has taken the life of your loved one. It won't bring the person back or ease the grief; you will only add kindle to the fire of hatred and then someone will want to come after you. Just let events play out and soon your uncle will have to pay for his actions.

message 5: by Jameel (new)

Jameel | 4 comments Dearest Hamlet, give no refuge to vengeful thoughts. Such action will only further shame the house of Hamlet. Hate cannot cure the poison of Cladius from your mother, nor can it cure Denmark. These are things only the true king can do. Claudius is only pretender to the throne, no real entitlement. His only purpose is to taint and twist. And while were on the topic of taint, your mother is most unsettling. Her easily molded mind has led her down a path you cannot follow. This trend makes her unfit to exist as Queen, placing upon you the task of locating one more fit to share the royal chamber. A chamber that only can be truly passed unto you after your Father's grievances have been settled. His words unspeakably true, trust his facts, but not his instincts. They are soiled by the scar of righteous fury. If you are to rise, you must rise for yourself, not for the Old King.

message 6: by Dana (new)

Dana Muelchi | 1 comments Forget Daddy. Move to Vegas (or the 1800's equivalent). Bed dozens of attractive showgirls. MOVE ON. Just pretend none of this happened, because you don't want to get crazy; you know what happens when you get crazy. Remember Cancun '89? Yeah. So, halt right there. I'm going to take you to the local tavern, get some drinks in you, and I'll let you talk about your feelings--I may even let you cry a little--and then we're going to put our big-boy pants on and get on with our lives.

message 7: by Briana (new)

Briana | 3 comments Hamlet, I know your going through tough times right now. You just have to remeber to keep faith in your heart. Your dad loved you and always will be with you. Mourning him is the right beahvior for a few weeks. However, Hamlet you have to move on. You cant waste your life on the past, because you will loose your future. I know it can be hard and your mother and uncle are not making it any better. They both dont understand how it really affects you. Which is pushing you further and further away. Hamlet, as your friend, I think you should trust no one and live your life to the fullest, or in the end, you will dig your own grave.

message 8: by Teadra (new)

Teadra Howard | 3 comments Hamlet , friend, i know you have a lot on your plate right now, but you will get through it. Even though your mother & uncle acts as of nothing is wrong with what they did, (got married) but it is. & it is okay that you feel the way you do, your feelings about the whole situation is only normal. But I know you love your father dearly but I don't think you should go and KILL your own uncle, even though he did kill your father. You should not try to do God's work, your uncle will get what is coming to him sooner or later. & I think your daddy is only thinking of getting his revenge on his brother, & not about your mental state, like your very young, & facing things like this. But I'm your friend, and what ever you do I'm going to support you, it's good or bad.

message 9: by Simoine (new)

Simoine Kenya | 4 comments You have every right to be angry with your mother for betraying your father such a short time after his death. As you implied, she didn’t wait too long to dust off her funeral shoes for a wedding. Do remember that she is your mother, and the only one you will ever have, therefore forgiving her is significant. As far as your uncle, he’s the epitome of a snake in the ground. Not only did he take your mother’s heart and betray your father, but he also took your father, his own brother’s life. Forgiveness is essential to one’s health, but you have the right to take as much time as you need to forgive him fully. Though your father’s spirit has come to you, and you have trusted it, taking his revenge out through you was not necessarily a smart idea for it could bring you, your mother, and other associated grave danger. Your father has already lived his life, though it was ended tragically. Make your own decisions based upon what HAMLET is comfortable with.

message 10: by Angelise (new)

Angelise | 4 comments Me:Hamlet, I've been watching you for some time now and you are not looking too good bud. What's the matter?
I know, I know you don't have to explain. You are having a rough time but things will get better in due season. You are not the only person in the world who's mom got married her dead husband's brother, that happens all the time. Even if you don't like stepdaddy Clauduis, the spirit of your dad, Hamlet is going to tell you ow to kill him. So see? Everything is going to work out for the good. No worries man. So you good?


message 11: by Laquita (new)

Laquita | 1 comments Well it's not that easy to say what I'd tell Hamlet. Hamlet has experienced death, betrayal, and revenge, all in the same lifetime. Most children his age never face such hardships. So honestly I don't know what I would tell Hamlet as far as what to do about his family. I do know that his mom,uncle-father are wrong to tell him that he shouldn't have feelings for his father's death anymore. The only reason his uncle-father doesn't feel any remorse, guilt, or sorrow, is because he killed King Hamlet. It's not the best idea for Hamlet to take up his father's plan of revenge on his brother, but in Hamlet's mind his father would tell him no wrong. It's almost as if Hamlet feels he has to do this for his father to gain approval, or his love. Even though I would never know what Hamlet has gone through, I would probably tell him to let nature take its course. Meaning simply that his uncle will pay, and he doesn't have to be the one to make him. Killing his uncle won't bring his father back. The pain he feels now, will forever reamin no matter what he does to his father's killer. And as for Hamlet's mother, it's almost like she represents that naive girl that only sees one side of things. In her case the one thing she sees is being queen, and she didn't care what she did to stay there, even if that meant marrying her dead husband's brother. Hamlet onlyseesher as betraying him and his father, but not everyone deals with grief the same. For her she just wants to please her king, and that obviously entails setting aside her feelings. I honestly think Hamlet should wait it out. He knows the truth of his father's death, so instead of killing his uncle how about using that to your advantage. Hamlet just needs to focus on the living and less on the dead.

message 12: by Keyanna (last edited Nov 02, 2011 05:09PM) (new)

Keyanna Russell | 5 comments Hamlet man I understand what you are going through is difficult time but it is time to move on with yourself. We cannot all stay in the past and continue to mourn on what was. He is your father and you should always love him and never forget him but it is time to let go and let God! Not only having to deal with your uncle as your new stepfather, which I even find a little awkward, but your dead dad coming to you telling you to kill him is a bit much for you to handle right now but I am here to tell you it is not the right decision. Killing him will not solve your problems but only make them worse. So Hamlet just let it go and pray about it :)

message 13: by Rashida (new)

Rashida | 4 comments I know that this is a really tough time for you, I can't even imagine what you could be feeling right now. I know that dealing with death is a hard task, but dwelling in negative thoughts pertaining to your fathers death is not in your best interest. Having hard feelings against both your uncle and mother is expected, considering the circumstances, but you are unable to change what has happened and what is now occurring. It is hardships like these that present opportunities for you to come to terms with reality and make choices that can effect your life positively in the long run. I know that you have spoken to your dad in ghost form, and I understand that the things he said to you have inspired your decision to take actions against your uncle, but I think that you need to think about this. You're really emotional right now , and I would hate for you to do something that you will regret in the long run just because you were really upset/angry at the time. Just think about it.

message 14: by Diarra (last edited Nov 02, 2011 05:54PM) (new)

Diarra Owens | 4 comments Dear Hamlet,
I can not possibly imagine the heartache, and confusion that you are experiencing nowadays. I mean, your father just passed, your mother so nonchalantly remarried your uncle, your father's spirit walks the earth, and to top it all off, you just found out that your uncle was your father's killer. But just because these things tend to happen in life, it does not mean that we should turn our fellings into dark desires and avenge losses. Killing King Claudius - who, at the end of the day, is still your uncle - will not make you any different than the fellow idotic and corrupt citizens of Denmark. You are going to be King someday; rise above the actions of your uncle and prove yourself to be better than him. You can transform your country into a more meaningful place. Hatred, grudges, and revenge are never the answer to dealing with emotions or issues. I can not make choices for you, but just remember this: every choice has its consequences, some more than others. I would hate for you to feel worse off in the end if you do decide to snatch away the King's life. Think about it. And also remember that there is someone out there who speaks well of you and actually cares. They can help lead you out of the darkness and into the light. You will learn to forgive, just be patient with yourself. Best of wishes to you, Hamlet.

P.S. Your life is not worthless - not at all. :{)

message 15: by Lee (new)

Lee Brown | 1 comments Dear Hamlet,

I would be lying to you if I told you you should forget about your Uncle and leave him in the past. But that's not the case. I strongly think you should get him back, don't do anything stupid as in kill him or nothin, but get your revenge back on him by exposing him to what he has done, to show were he is now. It will be tough but once you accomplish it you will feel a lot better on this situation, and regaurding your mother, she's blinded by what the real problem is and letting your uncle take advantage of her. Dont worry, all will be well in time my friend.

-Lee Brown

message 16: by Tierra (new)

Tierra | 4 comments oh hamlet, as your friend I would like to take a moment and be real with you. Your head is pretty screwed up right now considering the fact that your dad was killed by your uncle who is now married to your mother. I can't say that I wouldn't be furious if it happened to me. Your best bet bet would be to take some time to yourself and focus on your own success instead of folowing in the shadows of your predecessors.

message 17: by Sasha (new)

Sasha | 1 comments Hamlet aka Hamlizzle,
I'm really concerned about the way you've been acting lately. Though you may be trying to hide your sorrow, I can see right through you. I know you are still mourning over the death of your father and I think you have every right to. Don't let what your uncle says or does affect you. I am not saying you should forget your situation and move on, because I can only imagine how hard that may be. I am saying you should allow yourself some space from the family. Sort out all of your feelings before you begin to express them in any negative ways. Trust me, I know you're thinking about it. So just take a breather and when you figure it all out come back with a civilization with a solution that won't take the life of anyone, including yourself.
Your girl,

message 18: by Abbey (new)

Abbey English (coolsinger93) | 1 comments Dear Hamlet,
I want to first start off by apoligizing for your fathers recent death. I understand your pain and mourning for that beloved king. Take as much time
as you my dear needs. I feel like your mother and
now stepdad? are just jealous because of the affection you have for your loved father. Don't listen to them. They want to avoid problems, and just bottle things up. Your man enough to look at whats reality and try to deal with it best you can. So i'm very proud of you. keep taking deep breathes. You will feel and get better, in noooo time!

message 19: by Evon (last edited Nov 02, 2011 08:35PM) (new)

Evon Williams | 4 comments Aye yo bruh ham man, we can go handle the problem right now bruh. I don't much like new king anyway, he talk to much trash, he ugly, and he doesn't have any swag. I know you aren't going to let him get away what he did to your pops. He married your moms too, that's incest boy, I'm not trying to instigate or nothing but I heard he only married your mom cause she got a big butt. Bruh if anything you have to do it for your pops, he went through all the trouble of coming back as a ghost to tell you this, I know you not gonna leave him hanging like that. Am I gonna help you kill him? H**L no, I just got through paying off this new Mustang from America, I know the country hasn't been discovered yet but you know I'm ballin boy!!! O good luck with that revenge thing, if you get caught I don't know you.

message 20: by Tommy (new)

Tommy "swag" | 3 comments Hamlet, I too have seen life from the point of view of Albert Camus, and can say that you know your father's death, married with your fake mother's marriage to your Uncle sucks. But look you can find some peace within this tragedy, by taking down your father's killer. Thus saving your mother, and letting your father return to peace. Just do it bro!

message 21: by Tommy (new)

Tommy "swag" | 3 comments Wait yall go read Dana's comment loll

message 22: by Mylondra (new)

Mylondra | 3 comments Ham the man, I understand what you are going through. It is pretty awkward having an Uncle as a Step Father. Not to mention this happening days after your own father dies. But you can’t let this get you down. You need to stand up and move on. And to now here that your “father” has come back to visit you and ask to kill your Uncle is a little far out. Just let it go and move on. You know the old saying…Just roll with the punches.

message 23: by Karla (new)

Karla Lopez-castaneda | 4 comments Dear Hamlet,
The resentment you hold towards your because wrong. Of her actions is not adequate. She`s your mom and one way or the other you should respect her decision even if you do not agree with them. By being disrespectful, that just goes to show immatureness from your part. She deserves to be happy even if it is not with your father. Your uncle (the former king) on the other hand has got no shame and should be given no pity from anyone, what he did as wrong! He should be placed in prison for years to pay for the murder he committed towards your father. In the contrary I disagree with your father ideology of revenge due to the fact that “killing” does not exist in my vocabulary and because there are always tragic endings as a result. Try to find proof of your father`s murder and use it towards locking up your uncle, that sound like the only acceptable revenge. So do not fill your hands with blood, instead leave the past in the past and move on with your life. There are things that are inevitable and this is one of them.
Yours truly,

Karla Lopez-Castaneda

message 24: by Asia (new)

Asia Alvarez | 1 comments Dear Hamlet,
I know your dad has died, and you're still in mourning, but you must confront your problem of his ghost right now. Your uncle is a cruel man and your mother is a shameless harlot.I must admit when i heard your dad tell you to kill king Claudius I was behind him one hundred percent, but now i realize you may suffer the same purgatory as your father. Just remember that you have a loving "girlfriend" who defends your name.
Asia Alvarez

message 25: by K.callozzo (new)

K.callozzo | 2 comments Hamlet, you really need to break free from your so called "family". They don't even know who you really are. Your mother just married a new guy, your uncle, and she doesn't even care how you feel about that. Your uncle is completely mocking you, and you don't even realize it. I know all of this could've happened due to the terrible recent lose of your father, the former king. You still haven't told me about your thoughts on what really happened with his death. As your friend I feel that I must tell you the truth about what people have been saying to you.

Your Friend, Katie Callozzo

P.S.-You need to talk to your girl because I over heard her and her bother and father talking about you, and it didn't sound very good.

message 26: by Heather (new)

Heather Womack | 3 comments Jameel wrote: "Dearest Hamlet, give no refuge to vengeful thoughts. Such action will only further shame the house of Hamlet. Hate cannot cure the poison of Cladius from your mother, nor can it cure Denmark. These..."

I love how you wrote this like it would be back in the day

message 27: by Heather (new)

Heather Womack | 3 comments look Hammy this could all have been avoided if you just went back to school. You're a big boy now. Grow a backbone and tell your mother that it's what you need to do for you. You don't want to do anything you'll regret. Ophelia is a trifling Jezebel anyway. The Lord frowns upon revenge so just turn the other cheek and try to forgive them. Remember: What would Jesus do?

message 28: by Sierra (new)

Sierra (SierraSimone) | 2 comments Dear Hamlet,
You and I have been friends since we were little. Therefore I have been able to see you grow up and all of the obsticles that you have had to face. However, right now you are going through alot and being your best friend I feel that it is my job to try and give you the best advice possible. I know that you are having trouble getting over your father's death and I am deeply sorry about that, but you just have to try and remember that he is in a better place now and that you will see him again one day, and that he will always be with you watching over you. Now considering the fact that I know you so well, I know that that's not the only thing bothering you. I can clearly see that your mother's decision to marry your uncle so soon or at all after your father's death is really drilling a hole in your heart. My best advice to you on this particular situation would be to: a)express your feelings to your mother. b)kill your uncle like your father wants you to AND DO NOT GET CAUGHT!! c)go away to college. Or d) suck it up and stop crying!!

Your Bestfriend

message 29: by Mason (new)

Mason Bonner | 3 comments Hamlet, I understand the pain but what can you do to resolve it? Your father was a proud man and would want to see his son rise to the occasion before he would have to take the throne, even if that means you have to live with the constant pestering of Claudius and your mother. As for them, they know and you know what they are doing is wrong so let Karma takes it's course to take them down. There is nothing you can do now.. All I ask is that you just protect your mother AND yourself from harm before you allow this to really eat away at you.

message 30: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Lawrence (ashleyevan) okay so like, for real bruh I know things aren't too good right now and life kinda sucks but i mean you have got to start getting over this whole daddy, mommy, uncle thing. Yes it is highly likely that your uncle killed your father and yes the ghost thing is super tripper, but let's be honest: TAKING CRAZY REVENGE IS NOT GOING TO DO ANYONE ANY GOOD, least of all you. It's really out of your hands now, so don't make it more of a big deal than it is. Revenge is for the weak. You're better than that!Plus you have Ophelia, so i mean things aren't all bad. Just think about it okay? Seriously, he last thing Denmark needs right now is a psycho killer running around murdering people because his dead ghost father told him to.

message 31: by Kari (new)

Kari Matteson | 13 comments Mod
Rocio wrote: "Hamlet, old buddy, old pal, listen to me. I know that you are still mourning the loss of your father and I respect that. It is completely reasonable to be sad over his death. Now comes the part tha..."

What should he do about his father?

message 32: by Kari (new)

Kari Matteson | 13 comments Mod
Dana wrote: "Forget Daddy. Move to Vegas (or the 1800's equivalent). Bed dozens of attractive showgirls. MOVE ON. Just pretend none of this happened, because you don't want to get crazy; you know what happens w..."
So empathetic, Dana. And this play does not take place in the 1800s!

message 33: by Kari (new)

Kari Matteson | 13 comments Mod
Tommy wrote: "Hamlet, I too have seen life from the point of view of Albert Camus, and can say that you know your father's death, married with your fake mother's marriage to your Uncle sucks. But look you can fi..."

So, this 19 year-old boy should commit murder?!

message 34: by Mitchell (new)

Mitchell Harrison | 2 comments Hamlet, I'm going to have to ask you calm down. You are being irrational. Moping around the castle cursing Claudius and chasing the ghost of your father is not going to solve your problems. You need to stand up and do something. DO NOT kill your uncle, but DO something. Take Ophelia out for a night on the town. She's starting to O-feel-ia so bad for herself, and you can change that, just like you can change your mood.

message 35: by Rolando (new)

Rolando Zenteno | 5 comments Hamlet, buddy, listen here.. You're starting to lose your mind as the days go by. Just relax, think before you act and do not do anything that you'll regret later. You're mother is a promiscuous woman who is seeking power at any means necessary, but she is still your mother. Respect her. Your uncle is an imbecile, an indolent, evil man who deserves what your father asks for but by killing him it will not bring your father back. Move on. You'll live. Enjoy your life and get down crazy..

message 36: by Arielle (new)

Arielle | 2 comments Dearest hamlest,
Wassup thug! Look I know you been struggling these last few days with someone takin yo daddy out and then yo momma being a homie hopper and all but really its okay. Things like this happen all the time, look all you have to do is this. There's only one solution. Take yo uncle out! DECAPITATE THAT FOOL! Hit me up if you need any help...matter of fact leave me out of it. Nevermind. You didnt here any of this from me!

message 37: by Abdoulaye (new)

Abdoulaye Traore (atraore) | 5 comments Go ahead hamlet kill your uncle its your body, but tell me one thing: once you kill him then what? Do you think your father would then magically appear before you? Why is this even a discussion, do you want to become the "monster" you hate so much. All because some ghost that looks like your father told you to, for all you know it could actually be the devil itself.What about your mother, how to you think she would feel? Even though she betrayed you she doesn't deserve to go through the same thing you are going through. If you go through with this the cycle will never end, next you will be the target and I will be giving this same speech to a new monster.

message 38: by Rodrigo (new)

Rodrigo Uricoechea | 4 comments Thy friend
'Tis be Rodrigo. I hope everything is going fine so far. Given the current circumstances(Your father's passing), I would suggest that you put all your problems aside and deal with it later. Procrastination is only good for moments like this when you've stressed your mind and actions become irrational(Such as when you are seeking vengeance towards your uncle). Perhaps we could go and raise the roof another time. Later on if you still have the same mind set, contact me. Yes, I'm offering you my services as a hired sword. I cannot have you loosing your life. As for your mother, leave her be. She's not worth wasting your breath on.
Good night, sweet prince.

message 39: by Selina (last edited Nov 03, 2011 03:42PM) (new)

Selina Taylor | 4 comments *Me & Hamlet sitting at a Hookah Bar, talking*
Me: "Bro-Ham, Hamlet ! I cant say that I feel your pain. Ham, the loss of your Father I know it hurts and their is not a single sentimental word I can say to make you feel better. But you are going to have to keep moving. Your Father was an honorable man and yes his life was taken before it was his time but you have to know that while he was here ,he loved you unconditionally and always will. Now your Uncle , honestly you will not feel closure until you kick his butt. I say you have a one-on-one and beat him up and leave. There's not enough spiteful words to belittle him for killing your Father or marrying your mom, so maybe in this case violence is necessary. But that is just me Ham , you follow your own instincts. Your mother... I just have no words. She is your nurturer & for you are her only seed and she betrayed you and degraded her role. Ham that is your mom, for she brought you in this world, all you can do is ask that God bless her soul. And I know I encouraged violence,not saying its the best outlet for closure but don't repeat the cycle don't be a murderer as your Uncle is. Think on that. I love you Homie .

message 40: by Cindy (new)

Cindy Gonzalez (Cindysorener) | 4 comments Dear Hamlet,

It is to my understanding that your uncle killed your father, and then married your mom. You might not want to talk about these events just yet, but here's a word of advice. You need to get over it. You need to understand that these things happen in life. You need to accept that your mom is a homie hopper, and your uncle a backstabber, murderer, and perhaps a womanizer. Violence is never the answer, and although your father mentioned revenge, you must not act. I guarantee you that karma will get your uncle. Your mom will always be your mom, and only mom. I'm sure she still cares about you, and you must forgive her. I agree she should've waited a little while before marrying somebody else, and taken your opinion into consideration, but at this point, you need to let her be. As for your Father, I'm sorry man. That really does suck. Just keep him in your heart and let the rest fall into place on its own.

Your bff Cindy.

message 41: by Anna (new)

Anna Quiroz | 4 comments Hams! Whats up yo? I bet your feeling a little down by now huh? I mean finding out your uncle killed your dad, and THEN married your mom?! Not only that but now your dad wants you to kill him! Thats some crazy stuff man. I dont know if anything I say to you will make much of a difference because I know once I made up my mind then thats it. Just hear me out though; maybe your dad does have a good point here. I mean this guy murdered your father! Its not like he doesnt deserve it. Its not like he'll be such a great king that will be missed. Your father, now thats a king that will be missed! God will understand trust me! "Do unto others as you what want onto you". Is that not what he said? Look you dont have to do this; this is just what i think. Anyways, I have to go. Talk to you later homie! Hey and tell me more about that Ofelia girl!

message 42: by Bridget (new)

Bridget T. | 2 comments Dear Hamlet,
I'm sorry that you had to find out that you could no longer trust you own fresh and blood. I guess the saying "blood is thicker then water" does not apply to all families. I still can't believe it myself! Who would ever thought your mom would marry your uncle in such a short period of time. I mean sang! Can she have some respect and be considerate about your feelings!? Then your uncle and your mother had the audacity to say that you should be over your fathers death! I must say you handled yourself very we because if that was me I would have been yelling all up in that ladies face for real! I know your in a rough stop right now since you lost your father. You a grown man basically and I can not tell you what to do but do you truly believe that you should kill your uncle? I know you abhor him right now but do you think you can handle something like that? Will you ever be able to sleep at night knowing your the same man your uncle was?

message 43: by Aisjha (new)

Aisjha | 2 comments Dear Hamlet,

It makes me sad to hear about your problems and it sucks that i can't be there to help you but, i can still give you advice. First of, your mom marrying your uncle is sooo wrong and I know it upsets you but, my advice is to let your mom be. I mean she seems happy and she probably only married him to distract herself from thinking about your fathers death. Don't worry, she'll soon wake up and realize that your uncle is a big fat jerk. As for your uncle, keep a close eye on him. He's quite sneaky and needs to be watched. It also wouldn't hurt to get close to him. You know what they say, "Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer." Hamlet, I can't express to you how sorry I am for your fathers death, but think of his ghost arriving to you as a good thing. He can help you figure all this out. I know everything is moving so fast and hearing about your fathers ghost is a lot but, look on the bright side, you can still connect with him and right now that's all that matters. Hang in there Hamlet and remember that I am still on your side.
Your Friend,

message 44: by Alexis (new)

Alexis Collins | 1 comments Whats up Hamlet? My heart really goes out to you with your whole situation with your power hungry Uncle, the death of your Dad, and your deceitful Mom. As far as your Mom goes, there isnt much you can really do. The marriage between her and your uncle is sealed and finalized, she has to want to do better for herself as a parent and as a woman. The fact that she is being selfish is a mindset that she has to make the conscious effort to get out of. All you can really do is love her and respect her as your mother. Your uncle is a snake, he killed your father for the power. He has no concept of the word loyalty and you shouldn't trust him as far as you can see him. Never believe for a minute that he has your best interest at heart because he is your enemy. Be sure to keep a watchful eye out on him, and watch your back. Lastly, your father. I cannot begin to fathom the heartache you must be experiencing right now with the loss of a parent, especially to know that it was at the hands of his own brother. Just know that is is okay to grieve in whatever way it comes to you. Speak to his ghost as often s you can, but also know that he is looking out for you. Love you kiddie, keep your head up!

message 45: by Nautica (new)

Nautica | 4 comments DANG yo uncle went HAM LET him think you sad but really you should be seeking revenge. It's bad enough that your mom married him right after your father passed but now you were told by the ghost that your uncle killed your dad. Im sorry to say it but, you might have to kill this man. And your dad?? Well he can help you, because he knows where and when your uncle will be at all times you should use him as a resource to gain revenge on your uncle. By killing your uncle your father will be able to move on instead of being stuck in two worlds and your mother will no longer be the queen. I mean cuz let's face it she married your uncle to remain on the throne. So umm take that into consideration homie.

message 46: by Dominique (new)

Dominique Williams | 3 comments Hey Hamlet, my dear, dear friend. I know times are hard right now and you are still grieving from your fathers death and you have every right to still be mourning. Dont let your uncle or mother tell you that you are any less of a man because you are not. If anything, you are more of a man. Although what your mother and uncle did was awful and trifling, you must remember that karma is right around the corner waiting to snap and you should just sit back and enjoy it because if you take it into your own hands it's going to come right back around and bite you on the behind. Don't let your anger and hatred towards you mother and uncle get the best of you because the end results may not be in your favor.

message 47: by Emily (new)

Emily Ennis | 3 comments Dear Hamlet, i'm terribly sorry for the loss of your father. I am also sorry for the betrayal of your mother towards her husband. Her marrying the man that killed your father is ridiculous. You should have any emotion about it that you want, if you want to be mad then be mad. If you want to be upset, be upset. Don't let anyone tell you what to feel or how to go about it. Your uncle is a liar and a complete scoundrel. I don't blame you for wanting to get revenge and kill him. As for your mother, i understand that you love her, but don't let her drag you along. Go your own way, don't give into her selfish ways. I hope you'll take what I've said into consideration. You're a good man and deserve to be happy. Most of all, be yourself. Don't be controlled. Love, Emily.

message 48: by Abegail (new)

Abegail Osafo | 4 comments Dear Hamlet,
I am sorry to hear about the tragic incident surrounding the death of your father King Hamlet,I understand the pain you are going through and can only imagine the type of shock and disbelief that you must be feeling.His sudden death has become a tragic loss to the state of Denmark,and he will truley be missed.Your uncles unfortunet dark and greedy soul has caused this tragidy, later on managing to drag your mother along with his dispicabel actions giving himself the title of "King".My only piece of advice is to stay strong and remember trouble doesn't last always surly the Lord will pay him for his evil doings. Even though the task that lies ahead is not an easy one, please bear with it the end result will be worth it all. Your uncle will surley get what he paid for.Please remember you will always be in my prayers.
Yours Truley,

message 49: by Faheem (new)

Faheem Haskins | 4 comments To my dearest Hamlet,

‘Tis most understanding, wholeheartedly, of your true yet obscure emotions. ‘Twas not even two months after thou beloved father was placed in the mighty sepulcher, that your mother decided to take into holy matrimony that of which was close in kin. This incestuous adulterer can not expect an extended frolic in his elevated position, and my advice to thee, my lord, is to go through with what must be done to set the scale of equality and slam the gavel straight. A tooth for a tooth would be most accepted in my minds eye, so seek to avenge the untimely death of thou father as demanded by this seraphim figure. And go not in the way of calamity, for precision and accuracy would behoove thou valiant efforts. Now strikes the hour for this sapling to emerge into a full oak and take thou rightful position as King of Denmark. Heed thy call Hamlet, for thou time has come.

Your Comrade,

message 50: by Solomon (new)

Solomon Smith | 3 comments Dear Hamlet,

This is no doubt a difficult time in your young life. Your young life is currently engulfed in a sea of circumstances of which you had no control. The passing of your father; now revealed to be the result of foul play perpetrated by your uncle, his distasteful marriage to your mother, and the lack of support coming from her. I'd imagine that dealing with such challenges give you the sense of lonliness and confusion. In my humble opinion, your uncle has overstepped his boundaries. Yes, he must pay dearly; but the task is not one best left in your own hands. I would advise you to seek the help of those loyal to the rightful king. For taking revenge into your own hands will simply end badly for you. In order for true justice to be served, he must be tried before the people, not destroyed by a lone dissident. This will only paint the deed as for material gain. Gather your closest collegues. Enlighten them of the origin of the current situation, and plan your next move. As for your mother, you face a difficult time balancing respect for you mother, while dealing with the fact that your best intrests may not be part of her agenda. Tread carefully, for I fear she may betray you.


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