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Marci | 21 comments For a biography I chose to read Harriet Tubman. I chose this book because I will use it when teaching slavery and civil rights. I also chose this book to compare it to the Harriet Tubman graphic novel (gn). Of course the longer biography told more details about her life, but the gn has many neat pictures that go along with the story. If I have a student researching Harriet I would have that student read both or at least the biography. When I have a student with lower reading skills that is interested in Harriet Tubman I would recommend the graphic novel.

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Marci | 21 comments Midnight Rider is what I read for my Historical Fiction. This book is great! I loved it, and I thought it would be hard to read a historical fiction book! I did not think I would like that genre. The story weaves many good details in that students would learn when studying the Revolutionary War, so I can see this as a nice add on when learning about that in social studies. I could see many students in middle school liking this book, but for my class of 4th graders I would recommend it to my higher readers.

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