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Cat (coffeecat19) *Start*

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lily had been traveling for awhile when she arrived at mirkwood. she sat before the forest and ate.

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Cat (coffeecat19) Isleas raised her bow, aimed and shot. She looked back at her house about five miles away, but still in plain veiw from her elven eyes. She looked back at her catch. A young doe, good mutton that would be raosted for a later days meal.

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Cat (coffeecat19) ((read my charrie!))

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((oh, important))
lily packed everything back into her bag and started into mirkwood, bow at the ready as a precaution

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Cat (coffeecat19) ((me elf you hobbit, me princess of mirkwood))

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Cat (coffeecat19) She sensed something.
"Who's there?" She called. "Show yourself!"

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((okay, good to know))

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Cat (coffeecat19) ((I'm Legoles' daughter, please post your in your charrie p.o.f))

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((err....at the risk of sounding like an idiot, whats p.o.f?))

Lily stepped forward and said "i am lily of the shire"

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Cat (coffeecat19) ((Point of veiw))

"What is your business in Mirkwood?" When she turned, the royal crest on her sleeve shone.

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((oh....yup, that made me seem like an idiot...))
she shrugged "im just wandering, i have no business anywhere honestly" she replied

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Cat (coffeecat19) "I mean, why are you trespassing on the Royal grounds. I am Isleas (iss-lee-es), princess of Mirkwood. You have no right to enter here."

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"oh...i didnt know that this was royal ground. i was just looking to head for the lone mountain where smaug used to live. my ancestor bilbo baggins went there once" she told her

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Cat (coffeecat19) "You are an ancestor of Bilbo Baggins? I am an ancestor of Legoles Greenleaf, rightful heir to the throne of Mirkwood."

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jillian n. (attolis) (do you mean "descendant"?)

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Cat (coffeecat19) ((Yes)) Sorry.

"You are an descendant of Bilbo Baggins? I am a descendant of Legoles Greenleaf, rightful heir to the throne of Mirkwood."

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her eyes widened in surprise and she bowed "it is very nice to meet you" she said

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Cat (coffeecat19) Isleas did not move, she was used to the gesture of bowing. Her eyes wandred to her hairy feet. She looked away in disgust, her long brown hair swinging past the middle of her back

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she straightened up "so, what is royalty such as yourself doing out here?"she asked

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Cat (coffeecat19) "I'm hunting." She motioned to her bow.

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she nodded "i see, well i suppose i should get moving. i dont want to stay in the royal grounds" she said

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Cat (coffeecat19) "You are welcome to stay,just do not trespass. As long as someone aproves of you stayign.And I approve."

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"oh, okay thank you." she said. her stomach growled and she opened her bag to get some food. she pulled out some bread

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Cat (coffeecat19) Ileas eyed the food, then walked over to her catch. She efortlessly picked it up in one hand and slung it over her shoulder. She began to run back to the house.

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lily watched her leave and ate her bread. it was studded with nuts to give her extra protein and energy.

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Cat (coffeecat19) Isleas looked back as he ran. She arrived at the house with the deer slung over her shoulder.
"Oh, Isleas, your smell is right for the LothLuin you were namd for." Her Father Legoles said. ((LothLuin means Orange Blossom, I have memorized JRR Tolkeins Language lol))

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((lol nice))
lily stretched her feet in front of her and relaxed against a tree while she ate.

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Cat (coffeecat19) Once she was inside, she was greeted kindly by her Mother Stardon. ((Star-dawn))
"Nin Meleth. Im(eem) Le Vanwa Estel."

((My Love I thought you were lost. But I still had Hope.))

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Blair walked through the forest of Mirkwood, eyes, as always, combing her surroundings.

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Copper  Black | 8 comments san laid on the ground starring at what seemed like nothing but really as a tiny line filed over her hand like it was nothing

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After she ate, she packed her few belongings and left Mirkwood, not wanting to cause more trouble with her prescience. she decided to head back home for more supplies.

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Copper  Black | 8 comments san looked up and slipped away when she heard foot steps

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Blair soon came upon San. She observed him for a bit, and then followed him quietly.

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Copper  Black | 8 comments SHE slipped off towards the castle in mirkwood but stopped when she heard blairs footsteps and scurried up a tree

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