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message 1: by Kate (new)

Kate | 8205 comments It's coming. The movie really is in the works. Do you think there should be a movie? What will they have to change to make it a good movie? Who do you think should play Tris? Four? Uriah?

message 2: by Ayunda (new)

Ayunda (ayundabs) I am really waiting forward to it!! Although the movie wasn't directed or written by Veronica Roth, I really hope it will be a good one and not a disappointment.

message 3: by Miss Ryoko (new)

Miss Ryoko (missryoko) | 349 comments I think Summit will ruin this series like they have with every other book they've made into a movie. So I'm not really excited for it or looking forward to it.

message 4: by Jane (new)

Jane | 11 comments I'm hoping it will be as good as the book! Fingers crossed

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

I know it has the potential to ruin the book, but I am still pretty optimistic. The actors have really grown on me, and the trailer looks amazing!!

message 6: by Nerise (new)

Nerise | 3 comments I love the movie. I'm not sure which was better it's soooooo hard to choose.

message 7: by Lynne (new)

Lynne Stringer | 116 comments I thought the movie was a good interpretation of the book. They made some choices in translation from book to screen that I thought very sensible.

message 8: by Nerise (new)

Nerise | 3 comments I liked the subtle ness of tris. I think my view of the book over the movie had something to do with watching the movie first.

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