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Historical Accuracy Questionable

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Clark I found the contents of the book distasteful--Irving does not simply question the holocaust, but flatly states that it did not happen in any organized fashion. He would have us believe that various localities in Poland simply self-organized into extermination centers and somehow convinced the Nazi state to send trainloads of Jews there for no particular reason. He bluntly states that Goering knew nothing of the holocaust and was surprised as anybody else when he learned of it (he also states Hitler, too, was ignorant of the holocaust).

He would have us believe that Goering was an advocate for peace against the bloodthirsty Churchill. He states that Goering did not bomb London because of morality (not because of lack of ability), and only bombed civilian centers where directly ordered; on the other hand, Irving portrays Churchill as gleefully bombing women and children.

And his concluding portrayal of Goering as the victimized German hero, the loving husband and father, and the stalwart defender of Germanic honor is nauseating.

Irving also suggests that had Bormann and Speer not sabotaged Goering's production plans, Nazi Germany might have won the war.

All in all, a questionable biography to say the least. And yet all these five-star ratings?

Harry Interesting review.......I need to reread this book or parts of it. I don't remember it especially glorifying Goering. Yes, you are right; Goering knew what was going on and as a matter of fact signed the order for the holocaust. From what I learned since reading the book I would say it was Goering who lost the war for the Reich; his actions at Dunkirk and Stalingrad were decisive defeats.

Gaurav Clark, one of the brainwashed folks of the 2nd half of the 20th century?

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