The Son of Neptune (The Heroes of Olympus, #2) The Son of Neptune question

who do you think is the 7th prophecy?...Annabeth?...Nico?...or any other you think?
Aeia Aeia Nov 01, 2011 09:12AM
Do you really think it's Annabeth?(well,I'm also thinking that it's her...pfft!HAHA)..or..what about Nico?He's a child of a big 3 and he's not getting any younger..^____^..what you guys think??

"The Mark of Athena is an upcoming book written by Rick Riordan that is scheduled to be released in Fall 2012.[1] It is the third book in the series, The Heroes of Olympus. It will continue the adventures of the seven demigods of the second Great Prophecy and their quest to stop the giants - the sons of Gaea - in Rome.[2] The Greek and Roman heroes will try to close the Doors of Death and save Nico di Angelo, who has probably been taken captive by Gaea's forces. It was also hinted in the Son of Neptune that the seven demigods, Percy Jackson, Leo Valdez, Piper McLean, Jason Grace, Annabeth Chase, Hazel Levesque, and Frank Zhang are going to sail to Rome on Argo II, a warship built by Leo Valdez, a son of Hephaestus . Annabeth Chase is to have an important role in this book, as Ella said 'Wisdom's daughter walks alone, the mark of Athena burns through Rome." Juno also told Percy 'the one who will cause the most trouble is the one closest to you-- the one who hates me most' though Percy angrily ignores Juno's advice....."

Here's my proof that Hazel,Frank,Piper, Jason, Percy, Annabeth, and Leo are the seven demigods. There you have it.

Annabeth! XD The title of the book is "mark of Athena" and Hera mentioned Hera as having a trial of some sort! XP

It's Annabeth because she volunteered to go and Hera said that she will have to make a difficult decsion when they get to Rome

I'm hoping Annabeth as well. There just wasn't enough of her in the first two books... :(

I think it's a girl named Supahgurl. Daughter of Zeus and Aphrodite. She can blow fire and change form into a dolphin.

I'm tired of guessing who the 7th is. ^^

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hmm... idk.... what I really hope to see in the upcoming books is

a) more NICO!!!! love him!!! (although I think he might be gay)

b) more Thalia!!!!!!! she's just awesome

c) rachel comes in and kicks octavian's ass (lol XD)

and yea... can't believe riordan is making us wait!!

hurry up, rick!!!!

Aeia lol..he's actually trying..c'mon..if we're too eager of the third book to be release, it might be a disaster..give our beloved author some time guys.. ...more
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Nya Tomlinson-Horan-Malik-Payne-Styles well, nico is bound to be a bigger issue because he was captured by gaea and hazel really cares for him. and thalia, she is a hunter of artemis, but t ...more
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I think it's Annabeth too, i mean, i don't really think it's Nico, he's not even really gonna be there fore a while, and i think the seven that are gonna set sail in the next book are the least i hope im right...

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Percy, Hazel, Frank, Leo, Piper, Jason and Annabeth

percy, jason, annabeth, piper, leo, frank, and hazel. they have to be the 7. it says so in the two books.

Well, we already know six of the seven. They are Percy, Hazel, Frank, Leo, Piper, and Jason. I think the seventh will either be Annabeth or Reyna. I personally am hoping Annabeth, though I like Reyna also.

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