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message 1: by Liesl (new)

Liesl (jcpdiesel21) | 34 comments Mod
I Capture the Castle will serve as our Book Club pick for November. I have never read this book before, but have heard many so good things about it.

Feel free to share your thoughts and begin the discussion here!

message 2: by Tracey (new)

Tracey | 17 comments Ulp, been away on vacation, and am still catching up. I'll be sure to re-read this during the next week or so - it's such a great book and I hope other people like it, too.

message 3: by Ahk (new)

Ahk | 17 comments Just finished this, and am still collecting my thoughts. In general I liked it, but not as much as I had hoped (but then I thought I would love it, so - expectations too high?). One thing I liked was that I didn't know what was going to "happen" plotwise, which is pretty unusual for this type of romance, except that obviously something was going to happen bt the sisters and the Cotton brothers. One small annoyance: I didn't know what the title meant before I read the book, though it was clear once I started. But then the author kept using the word "capture" every 10 pages, it felt like, "I capture Father", "I capture the scene", "I can't capture" such and such, etc.

I wish that the movie version of this book had good ratings, I would love to see some of the scenes. I had a hard time picturing the castle.

message 4: by Carrie (new)

Carrie (carriesnead) | 3 comments I love this book, and actually I think the movie is much better than the reviews might make it seem. It's worth a look - the set design is quite good. I'm not a big fan of Romola Garai or Rose Byrne, but they both surprised me in their roles. The movie was slapped with an R rating because of the completely chaste naked bathing scenes, which Roger Ebert went OFF about at the time.

message 5: by Tracey (new)

Tracey | 17 comments I finished up my re-read last night, and still really enjoy this book. Ahk, I know what you mean about using the word "capture" - you start seeing the word and you can't un-see it - but I thought it worked with the character of Cassandra as a teenager, learning how to write and finding her voice.

I still find the father extremely annoying, but I expect we're meant to.

message 6: by Amy! (new)

Amy! (missamylibrarian) | 13 comments I finished this yesterday and enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to. I watched the movie a couple years ago after hearing so many Snarkers rave about it, and I was a bit let down by it, though I do think I would enjoy it more now that I've read the book.

I kind of like that everything's not neatly tied up in a pretty package at the end, and I'm SO glad Rose didn't marry Simon; she's terrible!

The father is pretty bad as well; I can't imagine the type of man who'd just let his family starve without even TRYING to find work, not to mention being willing to let Steven just give them all his earnings!

message 7: by Liesl (new)

Liesl (jcpdiesel21) | 34 comments Mod
I also finished this yesterday and liked it a lot. I had heard lots of raves about it in advance, but thankfully went into the story mostly blind to the plot. It was nice to see the story unfold without knowing everything that was going to happen and be surprised by many of the plot developments.

Cassandra's narrative voice was strong and charming. It was interesting to see just how much the events of the book changed her. I also liked that everything wasn't perfect for all of the characters by the end, although I wish things hadn't ended in such a bittersweet manner for Cassandra. I wanted her to be happy!

I would be interested in seeing the movie that is based on it just for kicks, even though it's not supposed to be nearly as good. Bill Nighy as James Mortmain has got to be at least a little entertaining.

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