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Nick or Astley? Which one should she end up with?

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Jennifer Dupriest Personally I liked Nick at first.... but now I'm sort of leaning toward Astley...
I don't know who to choose.

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Gotta love Astley. I mean Nick's an amazing person i just don't seem him fitting with her.

Juliet I think Nick and her should be together so I can have Astley

Jennifer I was never that into Nick. I'm still reading Captivate but I love Astley so far.

Melissa I liked Nick at first, but now I'm leaning towards Astley b/c he's a pixie and she's a pixie and pixies and weres shouldn't really be together. And Astley has always been totally chivalrous towards her all this time, despite the hatred he receives from Zara's friends and her fixation on Nick.

Jennifer I finished Captivate! I can't wait to read Entice but I would say that she should be with Astley. He seems super sweet and they can be King and Queen together! Nick kind of bugged me in Captivate. Astley was so entertaining! I love him.

Emily At first I loved Nick and hated Astley, but then I started liking Astley b/c he seems to really care about Zara. Despite all that though, I'd still have to say Nick. sorry Astley.

Jennifer I never liked Nick. Sadly in the first book I liked Ian better till he became evil. Nick is just so ordinary. He seems like every other boy in every YA book ever. I find Astley so much fun.

Emily Fun? How is he fun? He's too serious I think

Christina I think Astley has more depth, while Nick kinda annoys me. I has always hidden secrets from Zara and too overbearing, I get that he wants to protect her but Astley knows she can fight and do things for herself and respects her for loyalty to her friends and her want/need to help others

Priss Reyes Sorry Nick, but let's face it, the weres do not live long enough the pixies and some day he will have to leave Zara. She is Queen! They, obviously, are not meant to be together, no matter how series ends.

Astley, Astley, Astley!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Priss Reyes Nick is so "hard-sexy-guy-YA books." So, unbearably, typical. I've seen him in every series, every young adult book, but with different names and faces. I'm sick of this kind of character.

But Astley is .. yes, a pixie. But gentle, sweet, patient, and so imperfect.
Just love him. I love him!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Hailey dude i cant even choose! i love astley so much cuz hes so sweet and kind but i love nick too because hes so over protective!

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Lola At first, i thought that Nick was perfect for Zara, but then once we got more of Astley, i honestly started to think that he was more in love with her, and now i think that they kind of fit perfect together. But honestly, i think i would be happy whoever Zara chooses in the next book.

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Lola Christina wrote: "I think Astley has more depth, while Nick kinda annoys me. I has always hidden secrets from Zara and too overbearing, I get that he wants to protect her but Astley knows she can fight and do things..."

I agree! :) i hate when guys in books think that their girlfriends can't do anything and are helpless, because then eventually they become way too dependent on the guy.

Emily Lola wrote: "Christina wrote: "I think Astley has more depth, while Nick kinda annoys me. I has always hidden secrets from Zara and too overbearing, I get that he wants to protect her but Astley knows she can f..."

I so agree. Astley shows his support, but he doesn't try to do everything for her. I think Astley is best for her.

Catherine  Wolff Astley for sure!! He's always straight foward and obviosly really cares for her! I liked Nick but, I agree that he's way to ordinary!

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Olivia Astley.....I swear, there is no future with Nick (the ordinary human).

Emily Ordinary human? He's a werewolf for crying out loud!

Priss Reyes Absolutley Astley, no more!!

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Sara Astley. Thought he was evil.. but hes not so bad now..

Karie I wanted to like Nick, I tried but then he had to get killed off before his character got developed more. So I am team Astley! He is sweet and Handsome. In Entice Zara wasnt very nice to Astley, she just used him so she could get nick back. I hope in the next book she ends up with Astley. :) It makes sense anyways she is a pixie and she is linked with Astley now she might as well sleep in the bed she made.

Ariella Mendez TEAM ASTLEY NOW AND FOREVER!!!!! :)

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Rika Mae Personally in the beginning of the series, in the book Need I tried to like Nick because I was positive he would be with Zara throughout the entire series and in the beginning of Captivate I respected their romance and it had shocked me when Nick was gone but as I got to know Astley better I loved him more then I ever loved Nick. I found Astley to be a new and refreshing character. And the fact that he shares many personal things about him, which Nick never did, makes me see what kind of person he truly is. He is trusting, caring and believes the best in people which Nick has never has never believed the best in others. I don't hate Nick and I wouldn't mind if he ended up with Zara but I would prefer Astley.

Sarah Astley! becuase he is her king! Nick would be good only if she was human. But astleys so romantic.

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Lisa Astleys is really romantic but i gotta go with nick!

Emily I still think Nick

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Lola Emily wrote: "Ordinary human? He's a werewolf for crying out loud!"

Agreed! Much more sexy than a blue guy with sharp teeth. I'll take nick, she can have Astley--- Plus that name sounds a little too much like Ashley... ;)


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EJ MACK Nick!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shannon Astley. Don't forget how quick Nick turned on her previously when he thought she was a pixi.

Emily Yeah but when she actually did turn into a pixi, he said that he could deal with it.

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Diana ❀ ☺ I mean nick was with her from the begining ...and he loved her too......BUT Astley is soooo cool!!!!

sooo i have nooo clue who she should be with :)

Emily NICK!

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Malak Silmi Juliet wrote: "I think Nick and her should be together so I can have Astley"

Lol smart answer! :D

Hailey Berry I at first loved Nick, and thought Astley was a huge jerk, but as the story went on I kind of warmed up to Astley, and now Nick seems like a overprotective control freak, so I'd say Astley

Emily I still say Nick.

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i am such a hardcore Astley and Zara fan XD omg i love this book and to be honest i think this book is way better then twilight (although i do like that book so dont get me wrong -___- .. ) but really .... i think that Astley and Zara are such a beautiful match together .. throughout the entire thing i could almost picture every scene in my head to a "T" and i loved every second of it!!! .. i truly believe that carrie jones has to make Zara and Astley the couple in this story <3 :) in my opinion it would be the best book ever if she did :) and i think most of you would agree with me ... i hope lolz! <3

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Sarah wrote: "Astley! becuase he is her king! Nick would be good only if she was human. But astleys so romantic."

very true very true :) .. i really think they should be together XD

Priss Reyes nothing more say... Astley!!



Ariella Mendez hm well im sorry but if Astley looks like that im sooo not in love with him anymore but since he doesnt... AHHH I LOVE ASTLEY!!! :)

Betsy Astley for sure!

Natty hope its astley and nick ends up with the elf (sorry i forgot her name)

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Emma Definately Astley :D

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ive been reading a lot of spoilers and although it doesn't give away the ending ... im sort of thinking its going to end perfectly :) ... yay!!!!! XD well ... now im just waiting and cant wait to read it for myself!!! XD omg im antsy -_-;; this is not cool .. why does it have to be released in MAY!?!?! (>.<)

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Tina Astley

Sabrina Nick was my choice before she turned into a pixie but since she is a pixie astley seems to suit her better but gosh i still think nick deserves a chance with Zara. They should have a battle of who is better for Zara. xD

Ariella Mendez haha fight to the death! :)ohh it could be Need For The Hunger Games!

Sabrina haha yess xD

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