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Paramahamsa Nithyananda (nithyananda) | 101 comments Certificates of energy?

When you are dependent on external sources for energy, you become psychologically handicapped. When you need physical support, you are physically handicapped. When you need psychological support, you are psychologically handicapped. With a physical handicap, you know that you are handicapped because you can see it clearly, but with psychological handicap, you don’t even know that you are handicapped. When you are not aware of it, you will not know the consequences that it can give rise to. When the real consequences or dis-ease happens, you will wonder what the reasons are.

If you have seen children play, you might have seen them building castles with cards. They will place the cards at a certain angle to each other and build several layers of such patterns in a pyramid shape. It will be beautiful to look at. But if you remove even one card from the castle, from anywhere, the whole castle will collapse! The higher the castle, the more the chances of collapsing.

Just like this, we build our own self-image like a castle, out of people’s opinions of us. We collect certificates or signatures from our father, mother, boyfriend, girlfriend, teacher, friends and what not, and arrange all these certificates and build a castle to form our self-image. The image will look beautiful and we will feel happy.

But if even one person withdraws their certificate, what happens? The castle collapses! You start feeling miserable about yourself. You feel depressed. You feel that the whole world has come to an end.

At least in the case of the children, they build their castles with their own cards. But we build our castles with others’ cards, with others’ certificates! We don’t have control over the castle because it is built with other people’s certificates.

So what do we do? We start working hard in maintaining the castle; in guarding it well. We start behaving in such a way that people don’t remove their certificates. We start doing things to get their continuous approval, because their approval has become our very survival.

A small story:

A lady once went shopping with her husband because she wanted to buy a coat for herself.

They visited many shops but she could not find what she wanted.

The husband became tired.

He asked, ‘Dear, do you know the exact kind of coat you want to buy?’

The wife replied, ‘Of course! I am looking for a drop-dead coat.’

The husband could not understand what she meant.

He asked, ‘What is a drop-dead coat, dear?’

She replied, ‘When people see it, they will drop dead!’

All the time we are looking to see how we can collect certificates from people! Every action of ours is unconsciously related to what people will say to it and how people will react to it. For example, a bag may come reasonably within your budget and it may have a good utility value also. But unconsciously, your mind will say that people may not appreciate the look of the bag very much. You start choosing again! But you will not agree that you are searching for certificates, because it is an unconscious process in you!

We become almost like a centipede. A centipede needs 100 legs to walk. Like that, we need the synchronous approval of everyone for us to walk in life. What happens if even one leg of the centipede is not alright? It will be stranded. What happens to us when even one approval fails to be got? We fall into depression.

If we are so dependent on others, there is every possibility that we will fall into depression. People who suffer from depression are actually suffering from attention-need. Over time something happens; we don’t get enough attention and we find it difficult to handle it. Just one word is enough to put us into depression. But we don’t know the real reason for our depression. So what do we do? We start taking medicine to cure it.

How will it heal? The cause for the depression is inside you and you look at medicines for help. When people come to me with depression, I tell them to do the simple Mahamantra meditation to start with and tell them that slowly, we will stop the medicines.

You see, these people need to be shown that their energy source lies within them. Meditation can show them that. Depending on the sincerity with which they do the meditation, they can simply harness the energy within them and come out of depression. Medicines will dull them even more. This needs to be understood.

I tell you: when you derive your energy from outside, it can simply play havoc on you. You just become a puppet. Read More : Guaranteed Solutions for Lust, Worry, Fear… by Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

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Marina Fontaine (marina_fontaine) | 70 comments This is very interesting and I love the metaphor of a house of cards. Have you read Psychology of Self Esteem by Nathaniel Branden? He talks of "social metaphysics," i.e. people having others define the nature of their world, both in inner and outer sense.

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