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message 1: by Grams (last edited Nov 06, 2011 05:01PM) (new)

Grams Politian speak the lingua of a populists. Mahathir is a pramagtic and hands-on Prime Minister.He knows the problems facing Malaysia.Have he not emphasised on the NEP , our harmony would have gone down the drain.He is right when he commented that he should have been firmer with the malays.
But,since the Malay-educated have been globalised, there is no need to please the ultras.
You should not have stepped down as Prime Minister and should see us thru 2020.
Time have changed,and the current trend is that the ultras aremaking a comeback and bringing us back into the stone age.
Sure, there are people who might not like your policy and it takes a good leader to brush them aside and not please your opponents.The opponents are there to grap power no matter wht happened.
I have following the politics for more than 30 years and none have acheived more for Malaysia.One thing, I would like to ask Mahathir, can you please do something on the controversial item of teaching science and maths in english.
English is the lingua franca of the world you have to live with that whether you like it or not.And , you know it.
Barison National will always have the support of the people , and only barisan can bring us into the infinity and beyond.Do not bring us back into the stone age.

message 2: by George (new)

George Wong This book is worth reading to understand why Malaysia has crafted its constitution and laws in favor of only one group, the Malays, and one religion, Islam, against all non-Malay groups and religions. To solve the dilemma of one group it has created many dilemmas for all the other groups who now suffer from second class citizenship.

In terms of racial attitude I rank this book in the same group as Mein Kampt.

If you are a non-Malay citizen in Malaysia you are discriminated in education, jobs, economic opportunities, etc, etc.

For multinational companies operating in Malaysia they have to enforce employment discrimination by ethnicity subscribed by Malaysian law. Else they get out. By end of 2017, most will have gotten out of Malaysia.

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