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Please use this form when joining.


All TOP positions (Medicine cat, Deputy) will need to be accepted by me, Jordynn.


Name: Hailstar (formerly known as Hailmask)
Gender: She-cat
Appearance: A light-gray she-cat with charcoal colored, jagged-stripes along her back. Her paws and tail are darker shades of gray and are charcoal at the very ends. Her eyes are a dull blue that can easily be mistaken for gray. Her tail is longer than the average cat's, as it is with all of her relatives.
Personality: Harmonious. Decorous. Both are words that explain Hailstar's mindset when dealing with clan issues. To most she is as kind as any mother, but to those who choose to stray from their path she won't think of giving any type of compassion. She holds the clan above her own wants and needs, though she can be thought as too generous. When dealing with another clan she chooses the safest route for that time, be it fighting or peaceful silence.
History: From kit-hood to her apprenticeship, Hailstar proved to be a sort of matriarch among cats. She soon earned her warrior name, Hailmask, for having a mask of personality that often fooled her enemies, sort of like a poker face.
Kin: Beetleclaw(Father)[Deceased], Finchfeather(Mother)[Deceased]
Mate/Crush: None at the moment
Apprentice/Mentor: None at the moment
9/9 Lives
Role-played by: Jordynn


Medicine Cat:

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Medicine Cat Apprentice:


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Name: Thornmask
Appearance:[image error]
Personality:An overall nice warrior cat he is strong and loves to work he is an amazing hunter and can scale trees like nobody else. He also knows his way around Shadowclans territory very well.
History: His parents were Shadowclan deputy and leader many years ago and he was the star apprentice but when his father, leader, took ill it was a bad time for him. His father ended up losing 8 lives to the illness and then his mother took ill and died and his father was too weak to go on so he died after naming the new leader in his final moments.
Kin: Emberstar(Father)(Dead) Yarrowtail(mother)(deceased)

Hi Jordynn just wanted to let you know that I am placing a cat in each of the clans to keep an eye on you guys

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Name: Whitetail
Gender: She-cat
Position: Deputy
Age: 24 Moons
Appearance: Blonde she-cat with green eyes. White feet, ears, and tail.
Personality: Whitetail is a cat that always has your back. She is always calm and understanding. Barely speaks unless spoken to. She is a very loyal, and would do anything for her clan.
History: When Whitetail was a kit, so Whitekit she was named Goldkit, because she has gold fur. But as she got older her tail, feet and her ears turned white. Thus gaining her name as an appertenice, Whitepaw, and now she has been named Whitetail. If she never grew the white tail her name would have been Goldheart, Whitetail has also thought that she wanted to be a medicine cat. She thought about it many times as an appertenice. But as she saw how much work it was she chose not to. Sometimes she still thinks about it, so she will know some herbs and what to do but, she thinks that hunting is a lot more fun.
Kin: Whitefoot (Mother, Dead) Goldface (Father, Dead)
Mate/Crush: TBD
Apprentice/Mentor: none but wants one.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Name:Shyheart
Apperance:A slender black cat, who's a little smaller than other cats, but is fast and clever.she has a patch of white on her chest, and glowing green eyes.
Personality:Shyheart is a little shy, but quickly warms up to everyone, she oftenly is bossy, but is clever.

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julia (juliaskim) Name: Hawkthorn
Gender: Tom
Position: Warrior
Appearance: He is a big, muscular, gray cat with black stripes. He has large, blue eyes.
Personality: He can be bossy and mean, but he is actually kind and sweet once you get to know him. He'd do anything for his clan.
History: He was found on the Thunderpath, and didn't know how he got there.
Mate/Crush: OPEN
Apprentice/Mentor: OPEN

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