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All genius's are complex
Paul Paul Oct 31, 2011 05:22PM
I read Isaacson's biography about Einstein and was struck by the similarity of Einstein and Jobs. People want "Game Changers" to be pure and untainted. Guess what people, everyone who is capable of changing the world has to be flawed. If they were ordinary and vanilla with no flaws, they wouldn't have done what they did. Was Einstein any more cold and distant than Jobs when he denied the existence of his first child? This is a great biography. Isaacson is a great biographer. Just because people can't stand Job's personality, their bad mouthing the book is hypocritical. You may have bad feelings about Steve Jobs but the reality is that he did not insist on any whitewashing of his life and he could have. To the very end, he remained a truth teller even when it hurt. Is he as great as Einstein? I'd have to think about that as I write this review on my Apple ibook with my iPhone on the table downloading his biography onto iTunes onto my iPad. Oh by the way, my son just went to see ToyStory3.

Good points Paul. I think, with the proximity to Jobs' death, and the fact that he was so utterly secretive, people are mistaking reviewing the person for reviewing the book. It's sort of like trashing The Shining because the main character turns out to be a bit of a prick.

I found the book to be amazing and, like you said, "geniuses are complex." Anyone looking for a Rosebud moment will probably be let down.

Jorge Figueroa Indees, The work Isaacson did is great, sadly a bunch of fanboys and a bunchs of haters are mixing the review of Jobs and the one for the book.
As Isaa
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Paul The further I got into the book, the more I liked Jobs. Yes, he was indelicate when he didn't like something was presented to him but the predominant ...more
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