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Jane walks in and sits in a chair, bored.

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 77 comments Alexis walks in and sits on a chair.She used her powers to get a drink to come to her.

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Violet walks over "hey."

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 77 comments "Hey.How are you?"

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She smiles "Good. Came to spy on my sis."

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 77 comments "Really? What is she doing?"

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"She's on a date with Zach." She looks at the haunted house

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 77 comments "Her boyfriend?"

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"Not that i know of, It's complicated."

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 77 comments "Oh.Ok." She looked around and made a little whirlwind in her hands.

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She dirnks some pucnh

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She waves. "Hello."

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She smiles "Hi. Do i know you?"

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She shakes her head. "Not unless...... nope. You dont." she smiles back.

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"Hi, Im Violet." She smiles and hold out her hand

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She grins and shakes it. "Jane. Nice to meet you."

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She sits back down with her plastic cup. "So, you new here?"

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"Yeah, my....... former friend goes here."

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"Former friend?" she takes a sip and looks at the haunted house

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(did you join the group?)

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She smiles. "Boys. Worst and best things for girls."

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She looks over at her. "Oh..Yes i agree."

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She laughs and leans back in her chair.

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She glances at the house again. "When'd you get here?"

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"Cool.I got her like a month ago. My sister goes here."

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"Oh cool. Who?"

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She nods. "I havent met her yet. Heck, i seriously just got here like an hour ago."

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She laughs "Wow. Like the costume."

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She smiles. "You too."

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She smiled and got a drink.

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Greece Karpusi (scotland) | 2745 comments Mod
Courtney ran into the dance, but right then Edward manged to slip out of her grip without her knowing. "What the heck was that about." He said as he looked at himself, "I look like a idiot." Edward sighed.

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Violet looked at the haunyed house

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Jane glances up at the boy and gives him a smile.

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Greece Karpusi (scotland) | 2745 comments Mod
Edward looked at him, "Eh? Do I know you?" Edward asked trying not to be rude, but was unsure of the reason she was smiling at him.

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((Jane is a girl............))

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 77 comments Claire wrote: "She waves. "Hello.""

Alexis noticed her."Hi"

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She turns to Alexis and smiles. "Hey, Im new here. My name is Jane."

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 77 comments "I'm Alexis.I'm new here to." ((Sorry I took so long.I didn't check in a while.))

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((Its kay.))


Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 77 comments "I'm an air bender."

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"Aqua-girl here."

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 77 comments "Nice.So you can control water?"

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She nodded. "Yep"

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((Oopps. *._.'*))

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She looks at Edward "So you're the famous Ed?"

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