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Crowleaf | 68 comments (RP here.)

Icy(Night's Alt Account) (nightess) Star walked unseen from her pelt color thanks to the moon. She was also unseen from her frail unfed frame she hadn't eaten for some time. Star growled at every little sound she may have been weak but her teeth and claws where still blade sharp.

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Jennifer | 52 comments Mod
Deran crouched at the edge of the Frost Forest. He had heard about this place from other wolves. His green eyes flickered as he saw a tiny movement. A second later he smelt it. A rabbit. He instinctively crouched down and slid towards the scent. He had not had a decent meal in days. The rabbit's white pelt blended in well against the light layer of snow on the ground. Deran shot foward suddenly. He flashed a paw out and slammed the rabbit to the ground. With a quick movement, he bit it's neck. Instinctively, he leaned down and stared into the rabbit's eyes. You are worthy and your meat will sustain me. There was a flicker of acknowledgement between the two and the rabbit died. Satisfied, Deran ate his prey. His belly rumbled as he swallowed the juicy flesh.

Icy(Night's Alt Account) (nightess) ((don't forget macduncan for the other wolf))

Star sniffed fresh blood, close by to. I need to go look. she was about to when she saw a brown rabbit sticking out like a sore thunb she darted at it. right before it died she thoght You are worthy and your meat will sustain me.As it died a flicker of atknoleg ment happened after she ate it she darted off to where she had smellt the blood. "Who are you" she growled.

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Jennifer | 52 comments Mod
Deran stood protectively over his kill. His bright green eyes searched over the other wolf. He picked up the scent of rabbit on her. Confused, he wondered why she would come try to steal his prey right after she had eaten. Shaking his head, he then realized that the wolf might have just been wondering what he was doing here. "Who are you." he shot back, glaring at the other wolf. His unwavering gaze showed that he was not going to back down.

Icy(Night's Alt Account) (nightess) "I'm am star just another mailicath like you i see" she said. Nothing appeared to be wrong with her so anywolf would wonder why she would be one. Her sappier eyes looked at him with great force."So now tell me who are you"she said her voice had become softer

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Jennifer | 52 comments Mod
"I don't think I'm a 'mailicath'" Deran mocked her. "Star is it?" he cocked his head to a side. "Well it was nice meeting you." he turned around to leave. "I never give my name to strangers." Actually, he didn't think that he had ever told anyone his name. He seldom saw any wolf outside pack territories and if he did, he wasn't likely to tell them his name.

Icy(Night's Alt Account) (nightess) "Can i come with you"she said her ear had turned back flat on her head you could see her ribs she was so thin she looked starving. Once star was strong brave before she left her owl friend now she was weak and alown"if we work together maby we could survive".

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Jennifer | 52 comments Mod
The she-wolf was very thin. Deran could see her ribs. She was obviously starving. He felt a bit of pity for this wolf. "Survive? How can you even hunt when you're starving to death." he snorted. "It looks like you are about to drop dead. I don't need a companion who's weak." he informed her.

Icy(Night's Alt Account) (nightess) "i may look weak but i'm not"her growl had a ferosity to it and her eyes burned with passion as if she could smell glory. She the growled "Or are you just acred i'm going to show you up" she growled her voice had become more mocking and sassy as if deran was a weak pup that could do no more then chew on her paw.

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Jennifer | 52 comments Mod
"I have no use for..." Deran looked disdainfully at the wolf, "a wolf like you." His mouth curved into a wolfish grin. "Do you only want to be my companion because you are too weak to survive on your own?" his voice dripped with fake sympathy. "I would take you in under my guidance..." his eyes narrowed and his lips curled into a sneer, "but I really have no need for a pitiful wolf like you."

Icy(Night's Alt Account) (nightess) "why dont you say that to my sharp pointy teeth and my deadly cut throat claws" she growled. Star then then started to shake her fur riseing her nostial flared"bear"her growl was almost silent.

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Jennifer | 52 comments Mod
This wolf seemed very vain. Even Deran did not brag about his skills or deadly claws. "It's one thing to say something about yourself; it's another to prove it."

Icy(Night's Alt Account) (nightess) Star started to growl"I don't have time for you its coming". Star growled and sprinted off as a bear started to lurch behind the other wolf.

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Abby Langford | 7 comments Crak looked around the forest for meat. He was very hungry. He saw a rabbit and plunged at it. He slashed open it's belly, before it died he stared into the eyes of the rabbit. There was a long silence until it finally died. He ate the rabbit. Crak is a very skinny wolf. So skinny his ribs are poking out.

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