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Jennifer | 52 comments Mod
Name: Silestia (Cil-es-tee-ah)
Gender: Female
Rank: Byrrgis Leader (Only 3 in a pack)
Appearance: Silestia is a light gray wolf. Under certain lighting her fur may appear to be tipped with silver. Her eyes are the color of the Ember of Hoole like all wolves. There is a very faint long scar running across her muzzle from an old battle.
Personality: Silestia is not a wolf to be messed with. She likes everything to be neat and orderly. She loves the feeling of being in charge and having everything run smoothly. Her pack is her life and she will do anything to protect it. She is very stubborn and will not be swayed no matter what. She has fierce pride for her pack and will do much to defend it. Silestia is gentle and kind with those younger than her. Wise and gentle, these qualities make her a good leader. She has leadership skills that help her make sure her pack is running efficiently. She has no respect for those who whine and complain.
History: Born in the pack. One of her brothers was born tail-less. He was left on a cliff to be picked off by an eagle. Silestia has no idea if he is still alive. Her mother died from being bitten by a rabid wolf. Her father died fighting an intruder. She gained respect and her position through loyalty and bravery.
Kin: Unknown
Mate/Crush: None

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Icy(Night's Alt Account) (nightess) Name: rune
Gender: male
Rank: second Byrrgis Leader((only three))
Appearance: silvery gray fur with eyes that look like the ember of hoole but thees could burn a hole into you.
Personality: He loves thing to be neat and tidy he hates when things get out of paw. He is very cunning and good at taking prisoners but when you tell him to kill he go's for the throat and dosent stop till the body stops shaking. He is trained very well and not to be messed with
History: He was raised with bears being he lost his mom in a snow storm he was trained in the ways of blunt combat. Later on he found his home and was trained to fight with the power of a wolf so he's not to be messed with.
Kin: all dead
Mate/Crush: crush= Silestia

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Jennifer | 52 comments Mod
All wolves of the beyond have eyes that look like the Ember of Hoole.

Icy(Night's Alt Account) (nightess) really i never knew that

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Jennifer | 52 comments Mod
It's in the books if you have read them.

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Icy(Night's Alt Account) (nightess) i have read them the wolves of the beyond but it never said anything like that

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Jennifer | 52 comments Mod
It says so in the Guardians of Ga'Hoole books too.

Icy(Night's Alt Account) (nightess) i dont read at g'hoole books i only just started trying to get them

Icy(Night's Alt Account) (nightess) Name: flower
Gender: female
Rank: Lieutenant
Appearance: she is a brown she wolf like her farther. She has the normal color of eyes and she has very curly fur.
Personality: flowers very brave and cunning. She is very active and flower loves to help her brother shadow with his duties some day she dreams to become a captain but thinks she never will.
History: Flowers sister star had odd marks and a odd fur color for the familt chain so they feared her and just called her a malicath in fear of what might happen. She was raised by another she wolf having her mom and dad leave.
Kin: shadow and star

Name: shadow
Gender: male
Rank: Captain
Appearance: Shadows fur is dark and black he blends in with moonless night's and shadows very well thats how he got his name. He looks like his mom with her straight well groomed fur.
Personality: Shadow is very brave and cunning and hard to trick. He serves his job well and enjoys it when his sister flower helps. He may know flower dosent help much but still he enjoys having his sister around him.
History: star was odd so she was called a malicath him and his sister where fine. he erned his rank with pride and hope that if he ever saw star he could trainer her to become a wolf of the whach so some day sh could join then he also hoped his mom was right and that star was the mark of something important.
Kin: flower and star

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Abby Langford | 7 comments Name: Cary
Gender: Male
Rank: Gnaw Wolf
Appearance: Brown with one crooked paw.
Personality: Sad that he's a Gnaw Wolf but otherwise cheerful.
History: He was named Malcadh at birth from his crooked paw. He doesn't get beat as much as other Gnaw Wolves. She - Wolves gossip that's he's Lupus himself, but in disguise. He was born with a sister and a brother. But they died during birth. He plans to find his mother and father someday.
Kin: Unknown.

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