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Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) ((don't light anything O.o))

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) Boomer sat in a corner, pretty much causing mayhem

message 3: by Dakota (new)

Dakota (Uhhhh) | 60 comments Sam entered

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) Boomer looked up, face covered in dirt. "Ello" He said with his slight accent. No one knew where he was from, but he had one just the same

message 5: by Dakota (new)

Dakota (Uhhhh) | 60 comments "Hello, I was told I should visit here"

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) "Ed send ya then? Righto, whatcha going into?" He asked, wiping his face with a dirty cloth.

message 7: by Dakota (last edited Nov 05, 2011 08:57AM) (new)

Dakota (Uhhhh) | 60 comments "The castle posing as a worker" he said nodding

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) Boomer laughed, "Rickey lost contact? A well. 's get ya suited up." Turning to a large bookcase full of random things, he began shifting through it. "So who are ya?"

message 9: by Dakota (new)

Dakota (Uhhhh) | 60 comments "Im Sam the sniper" he said liking the ring

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) Boomer grinned, chuckling. "Sam the sniper, I'm Boomer the blower-uper."

message 11: by Dakota (new)

Dakota (Uhhhh) | 60 comments Sam grinned "Nice to meet you"

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) He picked a small pile of things from the shelves, including a pen, leather necklace, a strange box and a watch. "Alright."

message 13: by Dakota (new)

Dakota (Uhhhh) | 60 comments "Wow those look," he paused "Pretty bad actualy what are they?"

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) Boomer laughed, picking up the pen, he uncapped it, showing a small yet pointy blade. "last resorts are always good. Can cut through pretty much anything. The Watch is contact to base. We like ta know you're not dead. Also serves as a trackin device if needed. don't take it off. Necklace is identification, so we know if we find ya in a ditch. The bow is a bomb."

message 15: by Dakota (new)

Dakota (Uhhhh) | 60 comments He grinned "Wow now I just have to wait for my mission"

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) Boomer nodded, "Edric'll get you settled by tomorra. He's good about that stuff"

message 17: by Dakota (new)

Dakota (Uhhhh) | 60 comments "Ok, do I take the pen and whatnot now?" he asked

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) He nodded, "Oh yeah, they're yours. Hey, when ya find Rickey, look after 'im righto? One special block that guy is"

message 19: by Dakota (new)

Dakota (Uhhhh) | 60 comments He grabbed everything "Will do" he said nodding, not knowing Ricky was TWELVE

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) Boomer grinned, "Nice meetin' ya Sam the sniper."

message 21: by Dakota (last edited Nov 05, 2011 09:26AM) (new)

Dakota (Uhhhh) | 60 comments "And nice meeting you Boomer the blower-uper" he said grinning

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) Boomer laughed, plopping back in his chair

message 23: by Dakota (new)

Dakota (Uhhhh) | 60 comments "One last question, how do I activate the box?"

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) "Oh!" Boomer got back up, "open the box, count to 60. I'd run away. This puppy's got some power."

message 25: by Dakota (new)

Dakota (Uhhhh) | 60 comments He nodded "Sixty second timer got it" he nodeed turned and headed towerds his house

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) "Have fun now!" Boomer called

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