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Jennifer W | 1289 comments Mod
Use this thread to discuss November's humorous group read, Hold Me Closer, Necromancer by Lish McBride.

Please mark spoilers!


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Jennifer W | 1289 comments Mod
Has anyone read this book already? I saw it at my library the other day, but I didn't get it because Paranormal is not a genre I typically read. Is this book fun?

Alex Flynn It's been good so far and very fun. Kind of makes fun of the paranormal genre at the same time it embraces it. The kind of satire only a fan could write. It's at least worth picking up at the library and starting. If you don't like the voice in the first chapter you probably won't like the rest.

Beth (bll1010) | 86 comments I just finished the book and really enjoyed it. The voices and perceptions of the characters definitely made the book both moving and funny. I also really appreciated how each chapter is titled with a song lyric that pertains to the action of that chapter. How clever is that?!

Alex Flynn Finished it this weekend. It was great. Oddly the main character felt a lot like a Gen-X type than a current teenager - he listen to records, all the song titles are from the 80's, and he has a detached irony that seems more like someone in Reality Bites than a Millennial. Probably more jokes grown up YA readers will get.

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Kellyflower | 136 comments I read this back in January and loved it.
I'm just gonna paste what I wrote on my review:

Things I liked:
That it was told from a male's POV.
The Chapter titles rock (Kick-Start My Heart, Don't Rock the boat, Baby, Papa was a rolling Stone, Sweet Child O' Mine..)
Sam's friend Ramon reminded me of "Weevil" from Veronica Mars. So I instantly liked him.
Biggest "like" is that it's about a necromancer. I used to play an online game where my main character was a Necromancer! There's nothing more fun then raising some undead minions
= )

"She whistled when she noticed my back. I assume because of my injuries. I mean, my ass just isn't that spectacular.”

according to the author's website " it looks like the pub date for book two is Sept. 18th 2012. That's for the US/Canada release. I've been told that the Australia/New Zealand release will be within 30 days of that. .... I also have a short story featuring Frank that will be out this Spring in a collection called Cornered...."

Lydia (loverofinformation) | 596 comments I also enjoyed this book and would recommend it for teens interested in a fantasy with a bit of humor.I totally agree with Kellyflower about the aspects which were engaging about the book.

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Ann | 88 comments I liked this book a lot. Like Kellyflower, I appreciate a solidly male paranormal perspective. I appreciate a paranormal romance as much as anyone, but it does start to feel tired and worn when almost every paranormal book I've read lately has had the romance as a central plot point of the book. Sam isn't oblivious to the charms of the various girls/women he interacts with in the book, but at the same time surviving the strange new world he's been thrust into is far, far higher on his priority list than making gooey eyes or finding insta-love. (view spoiler)

Either my sense of humor is sharply divided from everyone else's (quite possible - I actually physically fell down laughing when reading Whales on Stilts: M.T. Anderson's Thrilling Tales and not a single kid in my bookgroup thought it was even remotely amusing) or I read a lot more amusing books than the average reader, because I didn't find this book all that hilarious. All of the reviews, even the blurbs on the book jacket, mention how funny the book is. I was expecting to be laughing aloud, and I never did. I found it amusing, certainly, and perhaps I would have been even further tickled if I hadn't seen all of the hype ahead of time, but it never went beyond vaguely amusing for me, and even then it was only occasionally. That's not a criticism - a book doesn't have to be funny for me to like it - just a puzzlement about what other people are seeing that I'm missing.

vicki_girl | 157 comments I just started this book a few days ago. I'm listening to the audio, and I'm 2 discs in, out of 9, so ~25% done.

So far, I'm finding Sam's parts hilarious. The third person, non-Sam parts seem a little slow, but I think it might just be the reader for those (there are two narrators for the audio). I think for Sam's parts the narrator really adds to the book. There is just the right amount of snarkiness added. I think that's what makes the book hilarious for me; I love snarky humor.

Favorite part so far:

"Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's spatula"
"Well, I'm not Christian, so I can covet. I can covet like a fiend."

Maree | 233 comments Ann, I definitely agree that the book wasn't laugh out loud funny, but I think the sarcastic humor (which is a personal favorite type of voice in books for me) did make it a funny book, one that wasn't taking itself too seriously.

Love what you said about the relationships and instalove in a lot of other books that differed here, and I'm with you a hundred percent. I was so happy for some realistic type of relationship that I actually laughed (view spoiler)

Angie (angiebayne) I read this book a while ago and loved it. I think the humor and snarkiness of it really reminded me of tv shows I loved (like Buffy and Veronica Mars). Sam is not your typically teen paranormal character and that made the book even better. There was none of the angsty romance crap that seems to bog down a lot of the books these days. Some of those books are really good but they all seem to run together after a while. This book stood out and made me laugh (and cringe). I thought it was smart and funny which is often rare.

Cristen | 135 comments I enjoyed this book, though I agree with Stu's point that Sam seemed a bit older than his years...there were a lot of 80's references (but I enjoyed them because that time frame was my childhood). I also liked that the romance wasn't so central to the plot, sometimes that can get tiresome in the paranormal YA genre. The humor wasn't necessary knock you down funny, but I laughed throughout at the sarcastic wit. Overall, a fun read and I will certainly be picking up the next book.

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