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How do you think the Percabeth reunion will go?
Shelby Shelby (last edited Oct 31, 2011 12:44PM ) Oct 31, 2011 12:44PM
On fanfiction, a lot of people have been writing "Mark of Athena" stories, just like they did with SoN.

In most, Annabeth is worried to meet Percy, and ends up running away when the boat lands or when she sees him with Hazel/Reyna.

I personally think Annabeth is to strong to do that. She pretty much faces all her fears (besides spiders) and even though she loves Percy I think she would be both sad AND mad if he didn't remember her.

We all know he does remember her, so how do you think the reunion will go???

ppl his memories already came back
all of it

I see this happening: the whole camp is surrounding the boat and Annabeth is on board, frantically looking through the crowd to find Percy. When the four of them get off the boat, Reyna will rush to Jason and hug him (at the same time Annabeth is STILL looking through the crowd). Then, finally, Percy reaches the front of the crowd and heads towards Annabeth. Annabeth is just standing there wondering if he remembers her or not when he hugs her and says something with 'Wise Girl'. Annabeth will call him Seaweed Brain and they'll have their moment in where nothing around them matters and that they are the only people on earth.

If she sees him with Reyna she'll probably hate Reyna forever. I bet there will be some rivalry between her and Reyna, because Reyna was pretty much obviously after Percy.

It'll be EPIC :)

fantabulous. they will kiss and hug and declare their love for each other, and i will clutch my chest dramatically screaming "long live percabeth" and cry softly into a pillow.

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You can read my fanfiction which has the percabeth reunion in it. here is the link

i think Annabeth will run to him and throw her arms around him. then maybe she'll be concerned and ask him if he remembers her and he'll just kiss her.♥

AHHHHH OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. So I saw this post and had to write this on here- go to YouTube type in Rick Riordan reads mark of Athena chapter or anything along those lines and well you will see!!! Comment on this if you think that Jason is a moron for wearing what Rick says he is wearing !!!

It will be beautiful and amazing!!!!!

Savi3 Very much so
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umk i think the autor might fast forward that part or go to jasons veiw on the story. But annabeth is to strong to cry so she might just call him seaweed brain and hug him, but no kissing. annabeth is not that kind of person.

I see her running to percy, him chathing her and spinning her around, and a lot of hugs and kissing.

Most likely something will probably go wrong. Due to the fact of the prophecy and the title.

I think that this is going to be one of Annabeth's more vulnerable moments. Yeah, there's probably going to be some kissing, some tears, and I would bet money that one of the first things Annabeth will say will be something having to do with Seaweed Brain! :)

I agree with Charissa, Annabeth is way too awesome to run away. She'll probably call him Seaweed Brain and they'll have a nice laugh and then kiss

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I think there will be some kissing. Annabeth will ask questions and stuff and I bet Percy;s gonna talk about uniting the camps and stuff........I am so excited for mark of Athena!

I'm a huge fan of percy and annabeth.....but I'm pretty sure that the author's gonna skip that part.... :( but he might put it in the demigod diaries

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Or the author might just skip the reunion, which I really don't want him to do, but it's possible.

I really don't have any idea. Since I don't like Annabeth for Percy because of the stupid movie!!
But... hmm... I think Percy's memory will definitely come back, all of it. And they would hug and kiss. Gods!

Savi3 I'm not sure I even want to see the sea of monsters movie, all of a sudden the actress who plays Annabeth hair is blonde and at the end of the first m ...more
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totally agree, a lot of 'seaweed brains' and hugging and kissing, actually, i think the author might just skip this part, but i really don't want him to!!

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