City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, #1) City of Bones question

Magnus Bane or Edward Cullen?
Angela Angela Oct 31, 2011 09:59AM
Who sparklier? Magnus or Edward?

Magnus> every other being, fictional or not, since time began.

I so agree with that I love twilight but my god a sparkling vampire that's so lame

Magnus Banee <3

Magnus!!!!!!!!!!!! I like his attitude. Besides anyone's better than a pale sparkly thing.

(sorry Edward...)

Your taking the pee right it's obviously Magnus Bane, Edward Cullen doesn't even come in the same catagory.

MAGNUS. <3 Magnus is my biggest book crush. xD

NO doubt! MAgnus Bane!


Magnus is pretty amazing. :) Although my favorite version of Magnus is the one in Clockwork Angel as opposed to the glammed out version we meet in the various City books.

Magnus is just... a brilliant, eccentric, and overall great character. They both sparkle, but Magnus does by choice and in style. XD

Magnus has cat eyes. Edward sparkles. No competition, Magnus all the way!!!

Magnus! I love the character. :) wasaaaaayyy more then I loved Edward :p

With a flick of his fingers Magnus Bane could wipe Edward.

Magnus is powerful, intelligent and always has the right answer, Edward only knows how to be tormented in 4 books. Also, Magnus is 200 years older than Edward and therefore more experience.

and though they both are sparkly i have absolutely no doubt when i say that magnus is waaaaaay better. and sparklier :D
plus, edward cullen is soooo overrated.

Definately Magnus!



No contest. Most definitely Magnus, but I don't see why it matters if he's bisexual though. =/

Edward. Magnus is a homosexual.

Sofia Hahaha we seem to have similar tastes in books and sure (=
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Magnus will always win against any sparkly vampire!

I dont know.....It is like Manggus is a Minor Charachter and Edward is a major so I cant really decide.

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Magnus might be gay. But him anyday over the sparkling vampire!
Sorry Twilight fans but a Giant Turd is better than Edward Cullen.

Arushi a sparkly vampire is defintely worse than a bisexual sparkly guy <3

plus magnus is magnus. everyone loves him !

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