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Is this book out of print?

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Rebecca A while ago I ordered a copy of "Brave New Worlds" from my bookseller of choice, having seen a few copies on their shelves not too long before. However, after several months on back-order with no success I've been informed that they no longer stock it. (This is a national chain, incidentally, not a small independent shop.) Checking other websites I was quite surprised to see that a used copy was selling for £50 and an unused one for over £100! Even the publishers' own website indicated that it was out of stock. It seems quite strange to me, since I've purchased similar anthologies from the same editor/publisher that were still going at the retail price and apparently in print. I'm a big fan of the dystopian genre and am really keen to get hold of this book since it brings together a number of stories I've wanted to read for a while, so I wondered if anyone knows why it's suddenly so costly? Should I hang in there for another paperback edition to be released or beg my mum to buy the e-book and then borrow her Kindle? ;p

Any answers or suggestions would be much appreciated. :)

Stephen Ormsby I have just read and reviewed a galley of a second edition of this book. I am hoping it comes out in paper form.

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