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Dean Marino | 5 comments Hey everyone,
So I've been working on a story for a very long time, here is the synopisis and tell me what you think!

Annabella is an almost 18 year old girl in the victorian era,who strangley doesn't remember most of her past, whileconstantly has nigtmares of a mysterious figure coming into a house, mudering the mother and taking the child with them. It's the same dream she's been having for the past month, but she does not know what to make of it. As she explains to her mother what it means, she tells her to forget it, for there are more important things to worry about... starting with an arranged marriage. Annabella must marry a wealthy man since it's been a tradition in her mother's family. Sadly she's not familiar with many men because she is not allowed to leave the mansion except for parties or outing. However, Annabella feels trapped in her own house, and feels like she's being watched with her every move.
As soon as she goes out to recieve a dress for her 18th birthday party, her cariage almost runs over an older man, poor and messy, who she suddenly finds attracted to. her mother, Castelle, comes outside and notices the boy ... she knows exactly who she is, but Annabella also feels like they've known each other in the past. As soon as this event takes place, the past that Annabella doesn't rememeber is revealed. Every secret, ever detail her mother has kept hidden is told. Who is this mother? is she real? who are the scarlet sisters? Who is Annabella?

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Dean Marino | 5 comments Jusy so people know, this isn't really what the story is mainly about. There is so much more to it. If some are interested, I will tell you main/sub-plots!

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Dean Marino | 5 comments You like it? I can give you some more details of the story if you would like. I've been working on it forever! Lol

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lol sure!

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