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message 1: by Liv (new)

Liv (osf1998) An old gothic cathedral in New York that humans (or mundanes) can't see because it is concealed magically by glamour.

Start rping here, describing the emotions you have as you enter the building and as you get your room, etc.

message 2: by Liv (new)

Liv (osf1998) Hilde smiled uneasily at the looming gothic cathedral before her, so beautiful in the brilliantly dappled light of the setting sun.
She lurched her rickety thrift store suitcase forward, frowning at the crotchety sound it had emitted over the worn cobblestones as she dragged it.
Then and there she made a vow to throw the old suitcase away when she got her room. No more of yesterday. Everything she brought that was a hand-me-down or not brand new was going in the dump. Well, not everything...
She couldn't put that in the garbage. No, that was too much.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Regan pulled her little suitcase along off of the curb. With every second she got closer to the cathedral-esc building, the heavier her possessions (the little that she had) felt heavier. She sighed, trying to run possible explanations as to why she would want to be here, why she shouldnt turn and run the other direction through her head. It can't be THAT bad! Ill meet some people, have some fun. Ill be FINE! She kept telling herself

message 4: by Liv (new)

Liv (osf1998) TransformerNinja (Maddie) wrote: "((Can my two character already have been living there, or do they have to have just gotten there...?))"

Nope, they can be living there already

message 5: by Liv (new)

Liv (osf1998) Hilde glanced at the others as they approached.
"Hey, I'm Hilde,"

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

Regan continued on her way, till she made it up the steps.

message 7: by Liv (new)

Liv (osf1998) Did she just...ignore me? This ticked Hilde off, and she hurried to catch up with the girl. She was at the steps, fingertips reaching for the immense brass knocker.
"Excuse me, I was trying to talk to you." She knew she was being abrasive, but she also thought the other girl was being rude. "I'm Hilde. Who are you?"

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((She is speaking to my guy right?))

Regan glanced at her, setting down her belongings. "Oh my! Were you speaking to me?" She looked a little frazzled. "I am Regan..." She thrust a hand in her direction. "...Regan Frobes....Very pleased to meet you, Hilde."

message 9: by Liv (new)

Liv (osf1998) ((Yuss. :D Sorry I like drama lol))

Hilde smiled, feeling a little foolish. "Hi, Regan. Sorry, not to be annoying or anything but I might as well make friends with people at this place..." she shifted uncomfortably. "Let's just go in, ok?"
That was disastrous. And embarrassing. She thought dejectedly.

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

She nodded, smiling wildly. "Yes, lets." She threw open the door and walked in with her. Hmm...She's sort of...cute...Argh, stop thinking like that! She thought

message 11: by Liv (new)

Liv (osf1998) ((hahaa do you want them to get together?))

Hilde danced gracefully through the doorframe and into the building. It was warm and dimly lit inside, and she brushed her fingertips against the side of the wall as she walked.
"Do you know where to go now or who to talk to?" Hilde asked.
((Do you think Hodge should still be there?))

message 12: by [deleted user] (last edited Nov 18, 2011 10:25PM) (new)

Regan shook her head "I was hoping youd know..." She smiled sweetly, just the same.
She tucked a piece of her rich brown hair behind her ear, feeling a bit awkward. She made haste to continue walking, urging her to follow. "i hope im going up the right way...Oh look. Elevator contraption thingy! I wonder if this is it?!?"
((Um, no. Hodge will just complicate everything.
I think to maximize the drama, Regan should fall for her, but Hilde could be like the biggest Homophobe in the beginning...and then she finally gives up on chasing her, and Hilde realizes what she truly wants, but its too late...mwhaha im evil))

message 13: by Liv (new)

Liv (osf1998) "Looks good to me," Hilde said and climbed adventurously into the elevator. "I wonder if we'll be sharing rooms or what..."
((Ok hahahahah that's not at all confusing))
((Go to our room now))

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

((Are you being sarcastic??? Lol!!!))


they walked to their room.

message 15: by Liv (new)

Liv (osf1998) ((Hahahahha I'm always sarcastic expect it^_^))

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