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Aestas Book Blog Does this book have a cliffhanger ending??

iomai totally. i kept wondering what they were doing in the past and where they were. Where they ever gonna sleep together and would the get married. I raked my brain for weeks. It so had a cliffhanger

Aestas Book Blog ACK!! sigh. i just bought it. i hate cliffhangers but the reviews have been so good... sigh. sometime i think authors just sit on their manuscripts till they are ALL done and release them together :P jk

Dhfan4life Well the next one is coming out next year so won't be too long of a wait though.

Aestas Book Blog *sniff* lol

Nyles excited for the next book!

Jeannie99 Well I don't know if I would call it a true cliff hanger but more just an option to continue this great story. I totally loved this book, the author has that wonderful ability to truly allow you to see, feel and experience the places she is describing.

Aestas Book Blog looking forward to it. just finishing up another book, this one is next!

Dhfan4life And don't forget the forever old wine that Matthew kept pulling out every chance he got. That still makes me laugh.

Jeannie99 LOL yeah an altogether great book, I can hardly wait for more. I only stumbled upon it by accident too, thanks goodness I did! This was her first book...right???

Dhfan4life I think she wrote another more sciency one before this. But story wise I think this is her first story book.

Kathy Yes, this cliffhanger ending is preparation for Book #2 of the All Souls Trilogy, which is titled "Shadow of Night" and comes out on July 10, 2012.

Deb has written two non-fiction books, "John Dee's Conversations with Angels" and "The Jewel House: Elizabethan London and the Scientific Revolution". This is her first work of fiction.

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