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Enter The Fayz

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message 1: by Riley (new)

Riley D | 2 comments For you guys who are fans of Michael Grant's awesome gone series I'd like to invite you to a New and very active forum called Enter The Fayz.

It went live October 8, 2011 and now has 150 members with 80% of the members currently active.

There are forums for GOne(And all 6 books), Hunger Games, Maze Runner and about 10-15 other book series so there is definitely a diversity for all from Action pack to Paranormal to Vampires to whatever

We currently have an awesome Roleplay game for Gone called "Heaven, Hell, and Chaos" and a new RPG called
"Torture" will start in Mid-Late November

So come check us out. Join the site :) All ages are welcome. There will be contests to win books and a lot of cool stuff.


message 2: by Lisa (new)

Lisa | 1 comments Okay so I've been thinking: what if in the end of Fear the walls of the FAYZ come crashing down? Before you tell me it's crazy, hear me out. Okay so in Gone the adults disappear like page 1 and in plague the sickness starts in what? Chapter 2? So I think Light will be entirely about outside life as Sam as wondered about in Plague. Plus, we can hear from Connie and other adults. Ive been thinking about this for a really long time ( like a year) and want to know what everyone else thinks.

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