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Riley D | 1 comments For you guys who are fans of Michael Grant's awesome gone series I'd like to invite you to a New and very active forum called Enter The Fayz.

It went live October 8, 2011 and now has 150 members with 80% of the members currently active.

There are forums for GOne(And all 6 books), Hunger Games, Maze Runner and about 10-15 other book series so there is definitely a diversity for all from Action pack to Paranormal to Vampires to whatever

We currently have an awesome Roleplay game for Gone called "Heaven, Hell, and Chaos" and a new RPG called
"Torture" will start in Mid-Late November

So come check us out. Join the site :) All ages are welcome. There will be contests to win books and a lot of cool stuff.


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Joe (ghlpflmgthnx) | 5 comments I heard this site was bad

Rivkah (HungerGamesmovieonthe23ofMarch) | 92 comments Sounds intriguing, and it may spread even further if people are interested in checking out the web site. Thanks.

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Joe (ghlpflmgthnx) | 5 comments xD It's called disgusting I'm an admin htere I was jst joking okay Riley? Hi new members are dfinately welcome.

Esther (essie7198) | 183 comments it's awesome right? ;)

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Ms. Anderson (whatwhat) | 9 comments Me too! I loved Gone and I kept reading, and soon, I was OBSESSED.

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