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Zino hester hiin this book plays the role of the sinfull vergin she is just like her people prejudje and misunderstand her but she bore that in silence even poud of her child

Will IV Please, for the love of all things good in this world, learn how to spell and use correct grammar.

Mary Hester Prynne was not a virgin. She was married to another man who was out to sea when she got pregnant. She did live in a Puritanical society and her pregnancy branded her an adulteress. The man of God was the father of her baby, but she refused to tell and destroy him, instead making an outcast for herself and her daughter.

Will IV Are you telling me you actually made sense of that post?

Mary I'm a teacher. Obviously the poster is a Second- language learner. No need to hate, just trying to help poster out.

Will IV I'm not hating anyone, I'm just trying to help the poster out as well.

Joanne I sensed frustration, not hate.

Karl I am not taking sides, but the original post/thread title was disgraceful!
Question or statement? What the hell...............?

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