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Blog Talk: Week Two- Nov.2 to Nov.8

Hello little Gods& Monsters, today is October 31. Thats right Halloween! The favoritve time of year for Ari and her new monster friends to come out and have fun.
If you were one of the characters from the book(you can pick anyone), who would you pick? Why? Also since it's Halloween, you get to write a short story about what your character does on Halloween and with who. Post your stories here- thanks

*OK a little change to this, I'll start off the story and then someone can added on and it keeps going.*
HAve Fun with it!

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) | 77 comments Mod
The moon was full and the air was cool on Ari's face. She walked along the low dimmed lighted sidewalk. As she rounded the corner she heard little foot steps. "Ari!" came a samll voice. Ari turned around, loooking. Violet appreared at her side. She took Ari's hand and they kept walking. They made there was to the cemetery, where the huge fight took place.
They graves were silent, with only the sound of crunching leaves under the feet of a tiny vamp and a monster, with an amazing power. Ari, violet still at her side, walked to the center of the cemetery. *snap. crunch. click* Ari spun around shoving Violet behide her. In front of Ari stood the great and powerful Athena.
"Leave, now! If you wish to live." Ari spat.

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