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We needs some social workers so set out you app like this:








message 2: by [deleted user] (last edited Oct 27, 2008 04:46PM) (new)

name: veronica


apperance:she has golden blonde hair that goes up to her shoulders, beautiful face, skinny

Personality:she is nice and kind hearted. loves kids

relashionship: none yet

other:she used to be an orphane here but was never adaopted. when she was old enough she just started to work there to make sure everyone gets a home and is not left there like her

message 3: by Silver (new)

Silver Name: Mallory

Gender: Female

Age: 13 [but she is in disguise as being 23, and looks/acts like it:]

Appearence: brown hair, freckles, green eyes, 5'7"

Personality: quiet

Realationship/Crush: none

Other: n/a

message 4: by Lunabell (new)

Lunabell | 113 comments Oh, COOL IDEA RACHEL!!! Me want to steal...

message 5: by Silver (new)

Silver Kayz

message 6: by Lunabell (new)

Lunabell | 113 comments REALLY?!?!?!?! Can I PLEASE use the idea also??? OH!!! Maybe they each know the other one is younger!!!!

message 7: by Silver (new)

Silver Sure..

message 8: by Lunabell (new)

Lunabell | 113 comments Name: Ange

Gender: Female

Age: 13.5, disguised as being 20

Appearence: Long brown hair in beautiful curls, sky blue eyes, a splatter of freckles on her nose

Personality: Bubbly, kind, playful.

Realationship/Crush: None

Other: All the kids like her a lot, they think she's young at heart ((Which she is, LOL!))

message 9: by Silver (new)

Silver ((That's my mom's name!! she has brown curly hair!!))

message 10: by Lunabell (new)

Lunabell | 113 comments ((LOL WOAH!!!!!!! That really a huge coincidence!!! What's your dad's name??? Okay, let me guess, and if I get this right, I will SERIOUSLY be freaked out... Marcus??? LOL.))

message 11: by Silver (new)

Silver ((NO lol))

message 12: by Lunabell (new)

Lunabell | 113 comments ((LOL that's really good to hear!!!))

message 13: by Silver (new)

Silver ((Still haven't been accepted... although Ange is already rping... so I'm going to go ahead and rp but if either of you mods want me to change anything just let me know!))

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

tut tut Rachel but I suppose accepted

message 15: by Silver (new)

Silver Thankyou!!

It's so weird saying 'Ange'....

message 16: by Lunabell (new)

Lunabell | 113 comments Ya... well, in some RPs, I have to type my own name for a charrie that someone else is RPing.... in fact, several RPs.... and in one, I also had to type my mom's, LOL!

message 17: by Silver (new)

Silver hmm... Rachel does not seem to be a popular name... Elizabeth does not seem to be popular either...

I'm trying to get people (in real life) to call me Rachel~Elizabeth.. people call my sister Laura-Rose...

message 18: by Lunabell (new)

Lunabell | 113 comments Is Elizabeth your middle name???? If it is, WOAH!!! Elizabeth is my middle name!!!!

message 19: by Silver (new)

Silver My best friends name is EliSabeth except instead of a Z it's an S.

message 20: by Silver (new)

Silver And yes Elizabeth is my middle name. We have so much in common!!!!!!

message 21: by Lunabell (new)

Lunabell | 113 comments OMG!!!!!


message 22: by Silver (new)

Silver cool!

I know 2 ppl named Elisabeth, also.

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)




Appearence:Really hot.Short shaggy brown hair. Olive green eyes. Muscualar.Tanned. 6'1.

Personality:Caring,kind, thoughtful, understanding, helpful, brave,cool and intelligent.Everyones friend.

Realationship/crush: None

Other: Is Stars main helper but he helps everyone.

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