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The Ancient Melaka State

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Ghazali Yaakub The book tried to impress the reader that Negeri Sembilan , particularly Rembau is more incline to the mainstream melayu society rather than popular belief that it is a minangkabau nagari.

By comparing architecture between Rembau and Minangkabau proper , the book has made a conclusion that they are made by different people of different culture.

The interior of Melaka provided , mundane provision to metropolitan melaka . Items like rice, sireh, pinang, vegetables and fruits and kerbau has been traditionally supplied by sub urban melayu city like Rembau and Naning .

It goes back from the 8th. ,Century Srivijaya state like Palembang, Jambi, Bentan and Singapura. The minangkabaus has been interiors of this ancient melayu state and has prospered from this agriculture activities especially rice.

Whan themelayu stste at last moved to melaka, minangkabau has to adjust their modus operandi by migrating across the straits to look for suitable grounds to mantain their role as rice producer . Being close to the new city of melaka has great advantages.

They were brought in by the bendahara family and finally resided at Rembau which has some resemblance to the homeland of the minang mountain rangs.

Building new homes that resembles the melaka style is the most convenience options due to availability of materials and carpenter with prototype design.

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Ghazali Yaakub Beside this book , I am personally attracted to Andaya assertion that the original melayu homeland is the east coast of Sumatra. When did the minangkabau started to call them self orang minang and becoming a super sub- culture of melayu a big question.How did the merapi plain become so populated. There must be a period when the melayu stste was in great havoc and the rakyat tried to escape to a more peaceful and abundance place .May be reminds them of their ancestor from borneo.

I spent some time in Sabah and Sarawak and personally felt that the Iban and Murut is the ancestor of pre islamic melayu. But religion is a mammoth divide nowadays..

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