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Chase (dekunut) I'm just here to say that I'll be writng soon... and I need a vote on what I should worry about first, and will come eventually:

1) Yin and Yang: A story about two completely different boys in an age of terrorism. This should be compeltely done by the end of November.
2) Modern Zelda (Title Subject to Change): A story about the Legend of Zelda series in the present day, including such characters as Green, Red, Blue, and Vio Hyren, Ganondorf Dragmire the club owner, and Zelda Termain, CEO of Hyrule Enterprises.
3) Flame: The story of 6 unaturaly gifted teenagers... the gift to control the elements.
4) ELemental: The predecessor to Flame, about a boy who can adapt to and control the elements. Along with an old, immortal man, he must learn to use his powers to protect the earth from an ancient evil.
5) Zombified: A zombie story about a group of survivors in Chicago during the Zombie Appocolypse.

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Cat (coffeecat19) ZOMBIFIED!

message 3: by Chase (new)

Chase (dekunut) I started that one already, so I'll post that and Yin and Yang, since I'll be writing Yin and Yang starting tomorow and ending the 30th.

Chapter 1
Zachary Tennings woke up early in the morning and yawned. His red hair flew into his blue eyes, “Time for a haircut,” he mumbled. He found his way out of the barracks and to the Common Area, his pale skin visible in the early-morning sunlight coming through the boarded-up windows.
He decided to go downstairs and make breakfast for himself. All he could find in the pantry was oatmeal- the same meal he had eaten twice a day for the past few months. He knew that he would have to eat it with barely any water and eat only a little bit. There was nothing to put on this bland substance, because even the bread had depleted into nothing. He heated the woodstove to cook on.
A sound came from the other side of the room and the door to the girl’s barracks opened, and Sela Arkhson sleepily drudged out. Lack of coffee had taken a toll on everyone, and everyone was having trouble getting up in the mornings. Her shoulder-length tan hair was tangled into knots, and she was so dirty you could barely see the scar on her leg. Right now, Sela looked like a zombie... Zach laughed at the thought. Once he would have thought that, but not now.
Not now that he had seen a real zombie.
He had seen live zombies. He had seen dead and dying zombies. He had seen zombies eat his friends, and his friends turn into zombies. He had seen zombies fight and use their pure force to reach even the smallest toddler.
He shivered at the thought.

Soon enough all of the survivors were downstairs. There were only 8 of them left. Zach stood in the center of a circle of oatmeal-eating survivors. In front of him Sela, who had already eaten.
On her left was Nathan “Sharky” Mantrios, a pale 20-year-old with brown hair and hazel eyes. His machete, still in sheath, was slung over his shoulder. Their head surgeon was drowsy, yet seemed focused during the daily pep talk.
Next to him was Eliza “Lizard” Russel, an ex-army captain and tactical specialist. Her dark skin and hair complimented each other perfectly, and as always she was up and eager to go by about 6 am.
Zach’s assistant, a skinny youth by the name of Tobias Huttman, was standing in the back of the room, listening and scribbling down in his notepad. The boy was writing ANOTHER book. At least it kept him sane... pale and brown-haired, Tobias needed no more sadness in his life... none of them did.
His friend Zordo Danascus, resident arms specialist, stood next to him, helping with the writing. Zordo’s brown hair fell beneath his eyes again and he lifted it back into his headband. An AK 47 was leaned against him.
Jimmy Borgon, third member of the writing squad, was half-helping the others and half-reading about antibodies and viruses. As R&D Specialist, he worked steadily with Sharky about finding the Zombie Cure. He never smiled... or, at least, as far as Zach could tell.
Finally, completing the circle was 15-year-old Amaterasu. Troy the cat mewed on her shoulder and she scratched the feline. Her brown hair looked black, and it was obvious she had snuck onto the roof last night to shower in the rain.
Zach looked at them all again, “As far as we still know,” he finished, “We are the last survivors. Let us stand proud against these zombies. We will live!” he yelled, and the group applauded. He then stepped down from his pedestal, “Council meeting in my room. 20 minutes,” he told them, and went back to his room to prepare for the coming meeting.

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Chase | 2 comments Zombified: Chapter 2
The chairs were set up and the table as well. A chalkboard stood at the far end of the room and Zach stood at the chalkboard, watching as his comrades filed in. First came Tobias, still scribbling in his red journal. Next was Zordo, carrying his AK with pride. Lizzy and Sela walked in, talking in hushed tones, and Jimmy and Sharky hustled in at the last minute. The cabinet was complete.
“Good morning, everyone,” Zach said from the front of the room, “How is everyone doing today?” everyone mumbled that they were fine, “Reports?”
Zordo stood, “Arms locked, loaded, and ready to go,” he sat back down.
Lizzy stood next, “Boundaries stabilized and prepared.”
Jimmy, “Research in progress. More books soon would be helpful, but not important.”
Sharky, “Medicine running low. A raid to get some would be preferred.”
Sela, “Ready for said raid. Where to?”
Zach thought for a moment, “Slightly to the north of our location, in the downtown area, is an old super market. Should we go there?”
“But Zach,” Sela said, “Downtown is crawling with the Infected.”
“All of the search parties we sent out there never returned,” Jimmy yelled.
“We’re out of places in the uptown area to gather. We’ll need thes supplies, and they are wortht he risk. Any objections?”
There were, of course, none.
“Gather what is left of the troops,” he said, “We leave at noon.”

At noon exactly, 8 people stood in a military rank outside of what was left of Chicago, Illinois. The Sears Tower They marched forward, shooting any zombies they sighted from afar. Things were going well.
An hour later, they still hadn’t reached the supermarket. All of the roads they had taken thus far were either full of zombies or covered in so much debris that they couldn’t cross. They had taken so many alternate routes, Zach didn’t know if thy’d be able to find their way back to the camp, “Turn left here!” he called.
“No can do, Zach,” Ammy yelled back, “Zombie crowd!”
“Great... he mumbled. All of a sudden, one of the zombies fell. In it’s back was a knifa of ivory, and in front of the corpse was a young woman, protecting an injurd man. She retrieved the knife and attacked another.
“They’re gonna die!” Sharky yelled.
“Not if we can help it,” Zach said, “CHARGE!”
The Survivors attacked, helping the woman slay the zombies and protect the young man. Zach reloaded his pistol and fired again, sending a bullet into another zombie’s brain. Once the ground at their feet was littered with corpses, the woman began to calm. And then she fainted.
“Sharky!” Zach called, “Check them!”
“No open wounds, Zach!” the surgeon called, “She just fainted from pure exhaustion.”
“And the man?”
“Broken leg. He was also given a concussion. They’ll both live.”
Zach leaned down to the boy, “What’s your name?”
“Elliot,” he said, “Elliot Kaliskar. And this is Tahsha Sensia,” his words were faint. Zach knew what he had to do.
“Sela! I need you to take a small group back with you... how about Tobias, Sharky and Lizzy? Take them and these two back to camp and treat them. Ammy, Zordo, Jimmy and I will keep going. If we’re not back by nightfall, we’re dead. Got it?”
Sela nodded, “Are you sure this is a good idea?”
“I’m never sure, but whatever humanity is left tells me to help those two. Now go!”
The four left with their injured patients.
“Now,” Zach said, “Let’s go find that supermarket.”

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