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you can imagine it

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(lol nice edit :P)

Violet changed out of her gym clothes and drove to the costume shop.

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Violet was looking at all the decorations, not watching where she was wlking. SHe bumped into a guy. She looks at him "Oh, im sorry."

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She smiles "Ya, She's my sister. How do you know her?"

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She smiles "And?" She searches the racks in front of her

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"Congrats." She flips through the clothes. "What are you going as?"

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(lol. srry fgor laughing it totally cracked me up :P)

She holds it up to him and laughs "Very nice. Like the expression."

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She picks out a costume and starts walking away "Well, good luck with my sister." She walks to the desk and murmurs "Good luck."

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"Just saying. You dont want to mess with Camille. Oh, and especially dont ditch her." She stands there with her bag

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She laughs at him "Sorry to laugh, but with Camille that's really bad. She had a um bad experiance with ditching."

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She smirks "Im not really the one to tell you that." She winks and walks oout of the store "See ya."

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She got in her car and drove off

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Greece Karpusi (scotland) | 2745 comments Mod
Courtney ran into the store and shoved Edward in a dressing closet. Edward poked his head out, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" He yelled. By that time Courtney had a phantom costume in hand and she through it at Edward's face, "TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES!" Courtney said as she grabbed a witch costume for herself and got dress. Edward started to get dressed too.

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Me:*hits Camille in head*

Cami: *passed out again*)

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Greece Karpusi (scotland) | 2745 comments Mod
((Me: *XD* I knew she would freak out about that. *XD*

Edward: *O///O*))

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(Me:lol of course)

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(lol i thought i posted...)

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Greece Karpusi (scotland) | 2745 comments Mod
By the time Edward walked out with his costume on, Courtney was already paying for the two costume. When Edward walked up to her Courtney grabbed his arm and dashed off, and Edward was being dragged yet again.

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