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Despicable Me's Writing

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Cat (coffeecat19) Write away!

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Cat (coffeecat19) I did not get a chance to read the whole thing, but I like it so far.

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I want ot know what everyone would be interested in reading I have several ideas and I think I just need ot focus on one and continue writing on it. So

Idea 1- They were delinquents. Caught commiting crimes. As a new option to try and whip kids like this into shape a new program is introduced. Taking said delinquents, about 7 in total, to a romote island. However along the way the plane crashes due to unknown circumstances. Can these corrupt teens said aside their faults and differences and work together to get off the island before the jungles secrets consume them?

Idea 2- More on my 'science fiction'. More background and emphasis. New technology is introduced in the year 2120. New ideas aswell. Wealthy and beautiful are those with 'immunity', the ability to actually have a life and freedom. New laws have been established. Those who do not adapt are sent to the Outside. Those on the Inside are conformed to no longer think for themselves and no longer think what is best or learn for themselves. When a group of teens learn the truth of the new government they go to the extremems to bring down the corrupt world.

Idea 3- (Thinking of Name for her) Girl has been without a real family since birth. Barely after her 17th birthday Girl finds out she has an aunt who wants to take care of her. Being shipped off to tiny Norweigen town Poulsbo in Washingtom Girl begins to learn more about herself and who she really is. (this isnt a teen romance in high school, it is a fantasy)

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Cat (coffeecat19) Idea 3

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This is the prolouge for Idea 3, I have yet to give it a title.


They know I am here. It’s obvious. Why else would the water be pounding against the shore so harshly? Taking a step forward I feel the cold water wet me feet sending a shiver up my spine and a gasp escape my lips. I don’t know why I move so slowly. I have been waiting for this moment, preparing for it for a long time. But the waves are harsh and violent, more frightening than ever before. I stand in the wet sand a moment longer, feeling the silt between my toes, the salty waves in the bloody cuts on my legs.

My breath is ragged, the water affecting my ability to breathe correctly. I never thought I would be faced with this. The fear I have always felt towards the water still presents itself and I find myself wanting to run away to the safety of my house behind me. But a primordial instinct causes me bend down and let touch the water as it recedes back out. Thunder rolls over head, warning me. Fear grips me and I take a step back, but after standing so long in the frigid water my legs have grown numb and I fall in the mud and sand. The waves grow higher than ever before washing over my whole body this time. Salt drips down my face and I lick my lips enjoying the taste instead of spitting it away. As the next large and angry wave comes toward me I extend a hand out to meet it. Once more the wave washes over me but I am firm in my sitting position and do not let it control me. Slowly rising back to my feet I walk confidently over the sand and barnacle encrusted rocks, the water level reaching me knees, my waist. If possible the waves grow stronger; I hear curses in the wind. I don’t shirk away this time, instead a small smile crosses my lips. The waves wash over me again and again.

In the distance I hear my name being called I let the waves pull me out with the tide to greet it. A voice I had long since forgotten, cries pleadingly to me. But I cant go back. My choice has been made. I let the waves absorb me, let my self be washed away.

Beneath the waves I open my eyes, no salty sting greets me, no musky silt screening my vison. A clear world lays ahead of me and I know this is what I need to do.

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Cat (coffeecat19) COOL!

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