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Mira Meteo In the story, it mentions how Jules had "relationship troubles" or something like that, and then it just showed a picture of "I'm not gonna write this here 'cause it's just between me and her.." I'm like tearing my hair out, YOU'RE A FICTIONAL CHARACTER!! WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?!!

Any clues??

Shelby Probably something with Gabe (that's his name, right?) because Paige asked Jules if it was alright for her to date him.

Elia That's what I thought too, but wasn't Jules a lesbian? That's the impression I got, but maybe I read it wrong?
What I came up with in my head is that she tried dating Gabe but realized she was gay and it probably affected their friendship negatively, at least for a while.

Jenn Huh. I never thought about that..

Michelle I suppose as an "adult" reader - I'm 24 - when I saw that part my mind went to the worst places, such as some sort of abuse. But maybe I'm being depressive and it really is something much more lighter such as a bad breakup or sexual orientation.

Licha That bugged me, too. It feels like a cop-out on the author's end to tell the reader they're going to not reveal something or keep it secret. Does that add some kinfd of impact to the "big secret". I find it lame.

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Isa jules was gay. the whole scene between her and paige was jules confessing her feelings toward her. i guess it takes a lesbian to work this one out.

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