The Iron Knight (The Iron Fey, #4) The Iron Knight question

Do you guys think there should be more book for the Iron serise? Yes or NO?
Faith Dominguez Faith Oct 30, 2011 12:00PM
i think there should be at lest one more adventure even if it for Puck only but i think the there should be more to the Iron Series but thats just me let ne know what you guys think

Yes. Puck needs a story and then Julie can lose off the series.

Meri I adored the ending of the Iron knight... It's just that I feel like Puck really needs his own story! He just has so much more that could be going on ...more
May 25, 2012 11:41AM

Yes! julie said she might make an extra little side story of Ethan grown up. i hope she does end up writing it and if she does i hope Puck and Ethan are BFFs! lol

YES, i think puck and kierran(megan and ash son) need a story !

Faith Dominguez lol I totally agree with you. but i also cant wait to see Meghans little brother Eathen in The Lost PRINCE thats going to be another kick ass book ^_^
Apr 23, 2012 02:50PM



I would love another book about Ash and Meghan i want to see them have a real happy ending the Iron Knight barely had Meghan in it!

There's gonna be a new Iron Few About Ethan all grown up! I can't wait.. It comes out in October I think.. I can't wait I hope that it has Grim and Puck.. I LOVED Ironhorse. He was Something.. Puck needs somebody..

I really enjoyed this series and would love to hear more about Puck.

I would LOVE for there to be another book in this series! I LOVE Ash and Meghan and I would love to see how their life is in the Iron Kingdom.. it didn't really get into it at all. && I want Puck to get a happy ending!

The ending was great everyone was happy...everyone but not puck. everyone loves puck. he deserves to be happy! puck needs to find love. i want more books.

Although I thought the Iron Fey Series had a wonderful and beautiful ending, I still want more. As most of you are stating, Puck should have a book from his POV; I totally love his character. =)

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Are you freaking kidding me! I DEFINATELY think that there should be another book in this series. The series was so good. It left me wanting more, which I guess was Mrs.Kagawa's idea,but still. I mean really! I REALLY, REALLY,REALY,REALLY,REALLY want there to be another book. All of the Iron fey fans,there should definately be another book!

Idk, if Julie should follow on the story of Meghan and Ash, my opnion is that the story for them both ended perfectly (: Why ruin it?

However, something like a Puck spin-off will be FANTASTIC! :3 I would cry of joy!

I think julie needs to make a series an meagan and Ash's child. Thier kid will never find love because they are iron and they can't leave the iron realm or the fearie realm

Yes I wish there was, ever since I read Summer's Crossing and then The Iron Knight I wished there was one more for Puck cause he needs to find love too. He shouldn't been left out :(

Agreed. Puck needs some love.

I would not mind (ok I would really like) another series in that world where maybe characters from this series played cameos, but are not the central figures. I think Ash and Megan's story is done. I know it could keep going, but I think all the important things have been explored.

YES YES YES YES YES!!!!! there needs to be another book :D

Yes! Puck deserves his own book!

Yes! At least one more book, from Puck's POV! (And please include more Ash and Puck scenes, they're awesome!)

I dunno I just want it to feel dragged on you know thats the worst. It eneded good. There' gonna be a spinoff with Meghans brother Ethan. I really hope Puck and Grimalkin are in that one. Maybe a little but of Ash & Meghan too (:

well, ther will be a series about meghan's brother and I want one for puck too.

This is just me guessing, but I think Julie will throw in some Puck action in the spinoff series with Megan's brother. Regardless of what happens I will eat up anything that Julie writes. She is such a brilliant writer.

I'm team Puck,so of course I want him to have his own book too!It's just not fair!Ash got his own book honestly.

I wish the ending of Iron Knight was more conclusive. I want to know more about what happens to Ash later on! Actually, just give a more detailed epilogue over all...that would be ideal. (ie Puck!)

yes yes and yess!!
Puck needs his own book and his own heroine!

And Ms Kagawa needs to write a FINAL final epilogue of Ash and Meghan getting married and stuff..

At this point, I'll take whatever book Ms Kagawa wants to write. She's a freaking genius!

i say that Julie Kagawa should start another fey series from Puck's perspective he should find love too maybe he could fall in love with a winter or iron fey.

Well, definitely yes! Who gets tired of Julie Kagawa's writing?? I know I haven't had enough of The Iron Fey!

I hear there will be a spinoff of the series set years after the last story when Ethan (Meghan's brother) is much older.... (Expected to be published in 2012)


Untitled Iron Fey Spinoff by Julie Kagawa

I wish there was just one more. with more meghan in it. and i wish puck was given a more definite departure...i wanted things to be wrapped up, not have meghan just come back in the epilogue...bc that just annoyed me. :/

Yes I think Kagawa really needs to give Puck an ending. Happy or not just some kind of ending. I feel really bad for him. The whole time he just got sucked into helping Ash and Megan. He was the model of the best kind of friend- unselfish, but Puck said so himself that it sucks that he keeps having to help them especially since he loves Megan. So I think he deserves some kind of ending.

I definitely want another book!! My fav. character is Ash, so one with him would be great, lol

Darlene wrote: "i think there should be at lest one more adventure even if it for Puck only but i think the there should be more to the Iron Series but thats just me let ne know what you guys think"

i agree =]

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