Shiver (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #1) Shiver question

sam or cole???
Nicole qwerty Nicole Oct 30, 2011 11:35AM
hard.....cant choose!!!

Definitely Sam. Cole's okay, but Sam is perfect. Sensitive, creative and loving. ♥

I liked Cole, BUT SAMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!

Tris sam for sure!! <3
Mar 25, 2013 06:12PM

Both. Idk how u guys can choose just one. Another thing tho i think they got the right girls already lol:)

Cole all the way! I didn't care that much for Sam and almost didn't read book 2. I'm SOOOOO glad I did. Cole was amazing (particularly in the audiobook version).

Cole, absolutely. Like they say, good girls loooooove bad boys <3

of course sam

SAM!!!! Although just beginning "Forever" and I might change my mind!

Both, each is crush worthy to me in different ways.

I like Cole cause hes funny and sarcastic

i love the way cole says da ! ive even started to say it myself though i dont think it makes me sound as cool and lush as he does. hell when he says it i want to pull him out of the page and kiss him!!!!!!!!


U 25x33
Lily i loved sam sooo much and i still do but with eachy page cole was getting better and better.i loved isabel and coles relationship so much,it was sooo ...more
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Sam because he's more caring and protective.

Sam!!!!!!!!! Every time Sam and Grace even kissed I wanted to kiss Sam myself. Sometimes I wish I was Grace. Especially in the first book when Grace and Sam did it. I wanted to snatch Grace out of the book and put myself in there instead!!!!

Cole! Sam is just to much of a baby! Yes, he had a bad life, but tough up!

Sam, simply because I can't even remember Cole. That says something, doesn't it? (no, it doesn't say that you should all start throwing rotten tomatoes at me for forgetting something in the amazing book, shiver, because i did think it was amazing. ;))

SAM!!!! sam and grace are meant to be together, not cole and grace. cole is just the wrong guy for grace

smas really sweet and has a nice personality but i think cole is perfect for isabelle

sam of course i like cole to though

Cole <3

cole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he's a smartass but still caring in his own wayyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

hmmmm...BOTH, i guess, lol!

Jae (last edited Jun 01, 2012 08:49AM ) Jun 01, 2012 08:48AM   0 votes
I really liked them both for totally different reasons Sam for kind and loving but Cole I dont know. Lets just say its a tie.

deleted member Dec 03, 2011 11:56AM   0 votes
he can be cocky but i find hm funny for some reson.

I love Sam he's so awesome and sweet and then there's Cole I dont like the way he tried to push sam away when sam was trying to be nice at times but theres something about cole that makes me want to slap him at times and other times you just want to snog him, but i definately like sam better, sam made me cry in those books, twice :P

Hard to choose though Cole yet Sam only falls behind by a little

Colecolecolecoelcole- i prefer the bad guys :3


deleted member Dec 28, 2011 09:25AM   0 votes

Sam. Cole annoys me, to be honest, although he is a great character that I do love - but in a different way. :P

Sam 100%


I like cole better!

I didn't like Sam half as much as Cole. Sam was too emotional and I-can't-live-without- Grace and to me, overly cliche.
I loved cole though. I like that he's a messed up ex- rockstar but he's also the one coming up with all the scientificness.

deleted member Jun 12, 2012 03:47PM   0 votes
I like both guys in two totally different ways. Sam is soooo cute and sweet and really compassionate and caring while Cole is almost the exact opposite. In all reality I think I would like Sam better in real life, but in the book I think Cole is more interesting.

yupp cute, quiet and shy Sam for me :)

deleted member Nov 06, 2011 11:28AM   0 votes

that is soo hard, they're both amazing. i mean any girl who has someone like sam in their life is realy lucky but honestly for me i like cole more

deleted member Mar 25, 2013 05:45PM   0 votes
Always Sam <3

Sam was adorable, I loved his sensitivity! But omg Cole!! ....Why do I always have a thing for bad boys, well actually his smarts got me too hehehe

I love Sam..


Hmmm, hard choice to make...first you've got Sam, the perfect, sweet, caring boyfriend, but then you've got Cole, he's dangerous, a total bad boy...who to pick...??? I couldn't choose!!!

funny, my real name is grace so of course Sam!

Cole definitely!

COLE obvs

I like both but i love Sam i can't wait for the movie comes out to see if the picked the right person for his role.

sam is soooooooooooooooooooo the perfect guy in the whole world. i hope there is a real life ssam out there who when he sees me will be instently atracted to mee and meeeeeee alone!!!!!!

I like same but when I first saw this question I automaticly thought COLE! I need to think, but I really like Cole. <3

Sam!!!! Of course

ooooo thats a tough one cause I LOVE sam so much, he is so amazing, but Im a sucker for the bad boy and Cole kinda pulls at my heart strings.

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