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Larry Pontius (larrypontius) | 1 comments The reviews are starting to come in on my speculative thriller, Future King. Here's on by Bookbag, a review sight in England.
A review by Sue Magee of The

It's the near future and King Charles III has ascended the throne of the United Kingdom with Camilla as his Queen Consort. The country is in a mess with rampant inflation, unemployment, a crumbling infrastructure and riots: the people have taken to calling this time The Troubles. Such situations breed power-hungry politicians and Prime Minister Alistair Saxon has plans to become the dictator of the country. When the King refuses to give his assent to the Emergency Powers Act, Saxon and his fellow-conspirators kidnap the Royal family to prevent Charles speaking against the EPA.

An asteroid screamed through the atmosphere and crashed into the Cornish coast. The wizard, Merlyn was released from the cave where he had been imprisoned for fifteen hundred years. It was always said that when England needed him King Arthur would return - and it was Merlyn's job to find Arthur Pendragon. The knights to support them in their battle would be a little more difficult to come by, but then there was the home for retired servicemen in Camelford and when they were needed they armed themselves with cricket bats, frying pans and some rather elderly weapons - and went into battle for their King and country.

This is a cracking story, with some great characters. I loved the feisty Camilla and if Charles and Prince Harry are rather nicer people than current information would have us believe then there's no harm in that. Merlyn is a brilliant invention - reborn in the body of a police constable of not exceptional intelligence - and King Arthur is a steadying, calming and honest presence when Larry Pontius could so easily have gone over the top with him. Excalibur, the Lady of the Lake - they're all there - but they're utterly believable - and Alistair Saxon as the ruthless politician had me thinking of a few names in our current administration.

The story is all too believable, I'm afraid. The monarchy might only have limited constitutional powers in this day and age and the monarch doesn't usually speak out on political matters, but it's easy to see the real Charles stepping over this edge and there's a history of politicians valuing the advice of the monarch on a number of matters. The kidnap, subsequent political spin on what happened and attempts by the conspirators to control the situation make for a thriller which would translate well to the big screen. At the end I was on the edge of my seat.

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Larry wrote: "The reviews are starting to come in on my speculative thriller, Future King. Here's on by Bookbag, a review sight in England.
A review by Sue Magee of The

It's the near future an..."

Larry, it sounds fantastic. When I read the bit about the state the country was in, I thought, 'Nothing's changed.'

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Russell Chartier | 64 comments Product Description
35-year old Jill Treadwell has her bipolar under control until she is laid off from her job at a Contemporary Art museum losing her health insurance and medications. After her unemployment benefit amount is determined she has no choice but to pack up her apartment and move in with her mother and her mother’s new husband. As her medications dwindle away she begins to head down a dark path of depression and mania that leads to self-medication with drugs and alcohol. The description of the symptoms of mental illness is rendered with alarming accuracy as she hits bottom with a life changing DUI. After her arrest her depression carries her into an inhumane place of despair and hopelessness. After a thwarted attempt at suicide we follow her tragic and comedic struggles to find health insurance with her pre-existing bipolar disorder meeting a motley crew of her friends and supporters along the way.

Her "journey" starts with the vivid and wild friends she has when she is not mentally well. As she begins to repair her mind we meet her therapist, counselors and friends in recovery. Jill's mother plays an important roll by keeping things light with her humor and naivety. Her father’s gruff, uneducated deportment leads to some laughs as well, with his strong spirit and fumbling dedication to his daughter.

Fortunately the COBRA subsidy is granted to those who have lost their jobs in this nightmare economy. Jill is back in business, seeing her doctors and resuming her medications. Therapy and counseling are helping her see there is a way out of her challenging circumstances if she can just hold on and trust the help that is being provided to her by friends and professionals. Court appointed trips to AA and group therapy are another outlet for humor and parody. Things are starting to take form for Jill as her head begins to clear and she starts to understand the sobering reality of her multiple court dates and related obligations.

On the road back to mental health an old boyfriend resurfaces with issues of his own. Russ is also an alcoholic who has been diagnosed as bipolar. Jill feels she can help him with his struggles as she has just emerged from the worst four months of her life. Jill and Russ attended film school together and he never could get her out of his mind after they separated. He made a film about her and it is this film that brings the two together. This bizarre coupling of two psychologically challenged individuals leads to an endearing romance built on creativity and an understanding that surpasses the conventional boundaries of romantic love. We join them through their whirlwind courtship and last minute wedding that is both comic and touching. All Jill ever wanted was a life to call her own and the couples' love brings them to a place of super absorbent paper towels and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Breaking through the challenges of finding health insurance and subsequent recovery from alcoholism, The Molecules That Surround Us chronicles a journey resulting in love, sanity and a “real life.”

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Russell Chartier | 64 comments Someone is slandering my wife and her book on Amazon in reviews and various discussion boards. We believe that we know who the culprit is. Any positive feedback or just weighing in in the discussion boards to help stop this psychopath would be greatly appreciated. We'd be happy to trade reviews, likes or tags as well.

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