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hmm? should i read..or not?

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Ophelia ॐ Is this book really book? i heard its kinda cheezyy. hahah

Valerie It's cute. It may be cheesy but at least give it a try.

Ophelia ॐ hehehe i finished it! i liked it! so cute(:

Alaknanda k its cute....sweet and totally a winter short read.....
i kinda enjoyed it....
if you are looking for a short read then this is totally worth it.
i would recommend all RACHEL HAWTHORNE'S books

Cecilia Carreon Definitely worth the read. I could not put it down until i finished it. I found myself wanteing to know what happened next. Overall very sweet and a good escape which is what we need now and then. Alhough it was a little predictable. Still loved it!

Angela I am always looking for a light fun read between epic books. Sometimes after reading about vamps or someone getting their butts kicked you want something cute and fun. It's a super fast read and the best thing about her stand alone books are that she wraps them up nicely. Yes there is a bit of cheesey in it, but I'm from a place were freezing to us is 32 degrees f. So it makes me think of real winter. Caribbean crusing is awesome to. Sorry for the long tip!

Mack If you liked this you will love Love on the Lifts also by Rachel Hawthorne! :D

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