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 Danielle The Book Huntress (Wants to Read More) (gatadelafuente) | 1347 comments Mod
Our last story for the month of October is The Suitable Surroundings.

Thanks to Kenneth for the link, and to everyone who was able to join in on the reads and discussions! If you like the stories, don't forget we have the weekly group reads going throughout the year!

message 2: by Martha (new)

Martha (hellocthulhu) | 325 comments Mod
I read this a few days ago but I didn't really know what to say about it. I get what it's saying, that horror can be more effective in the proper setting. Of course reading or watching horror is scarier alone at night or anytime stormy, I can only imagine how hard it would be in an abandoned house alone. Still, this story reminded me of Matheson's Button, Button: Uncanny Stories or Bloch's Midnight Pleasures, neither of which I liked much. They just weren't very effective on the actual horror to me, there's not much suspense or even any supernatural stuff to this tale. If you like those kinds of stories you may like this one.

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