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Camp Half-blood or Camp Jupiter?
Pat Pat Oct 30, 2011 01:58AM
I like Camp Half-blood better, since I love Greek Mythology more than Roman Mythology. And I think that Camp Jupiter is too formal. I don't like formality in everything. In Camp Half-blood, they exercise their superiority and their free will. In Camp Jupiter, they're all formality, formality and rules. They don't get to have fun. Maybe because Romans were trained that way, to obey rules and fight.

Camp half-Blood. I would def. prefer this over Camp Jupiter

I would like Camp Jupiter better. I am more formal and would like Mars as a father. "Duty and sacrifice, these mean something." They do indeed. I wouldn't want to have endless bloodshed (Ares) but if my nation was threatend, I would gladly fight.

Camp Half Blood all the way because that is where the story began. And also it seams way more layed back then CJ. CJ would be good to start a family and just to train and get an education but at CHB you go there and everyone is your friend and they are not strick like CJ but in CJ you can have friends. But what I am trying to say is that at CHB I think you have more fun with Mr. D and all and Chiron.

P.S. I think the Greeks are so much better then the Romans.

Um CAMP HALF-BLOOD! Rome, while it is the most legendary military empire in history, was not original in culture. It's known fact that Romans adopted pieces of culture from their conquered lands, changed for more brutality, and made it their own! I do not like Roman culture.

Camp Half Blood. I think I'll always love the original more. I also like it cuz it's just so much more laid back and fun

I think they both have their strong suits. On one hand, there's what you said about Camp Half-Blood, but on the other, demigods live a lot longer in CJ, they even have kinds and can build a family. That's tempting

Camp Half Blood ... Obviously. I don't like camp Jupiter, don't like Jason at all "/

I like Camp Half Blood more because at camp half blood the people are some much more nicer(Clarissa is sometimes mean but i still love her),they have an amazing activity director named Chiron!, they have a beach, a lake, they get to go to Olympus, the camper are close like most of the camper close, and most of all you get to annoy Dionysus!!!!

P.S. camp Jupiter is not that bad... they just need to loss the to much strictness and be be more nicer to each other :)

I gta say Half Blood as it was the one we sort of grew up with and Jupiter is really new and Half Blood everyone is so respected....most of the time......

I like Camp Half Blood much more than Camp Jupiter. Though I like the idea of a village in the camp. But I would still choose Camp Half Blood over Camp Jupiter.

Camp Half-Blood

Camp half-blood more welcoming enviornment

That's really hard. Camp Half-Blood sound WAY more fun but I like how Camp Jupiter has many generations of demi-gods, plus colleges, homes, and towns.

Camp Half-Blood, for sure. Not to diss Roman fans, but there's something truly heroic about questing and going off alone, which Romans found really weird. It's awesome that the Romans have a place to safely grow old and have a family, I'll give them that. In my opinion, Camp Half-Blood has better people, they're a more tightly-knit group and overall more welcoming and nicer - not just because everyone was freaked out about Percy, but Frank was teased and he had not even done anything to freak them out much.
The fact that they regard satyrs as lower beings ticked me off. They should be respected-they're not dumb. It's cool that Camp Jupiter has ghosts to guide everyone, but without centaurs and stuff, I don't think it's as strong a support/guidance system, because Chiron is incredibly smart and helpful. Humans can't give wisdom alone.
The Romans do too much group thinking I think, there isn't as much opportunity to work on your own individual strengths. They're too formal for me, too many rules, and all this lining up and stuff? At Camp Half-Blood, there are hardcore heroes who have personalities, they win.


Camp half-blood all the way they totally are the coolest.

The Roman Camp comes off a bit uptight. I like the lax attitude they take at Camp Half-Blood, plus Greek food.

Camp Half-Blood because the Romans are to war-like. Also because there would not be a mr. D around to yell at people and such ;)

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Cece ya... but annoying Dionysus is B.E.T.T.E.R
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Camp Half-Blood looks so much fun!! the Camp Jupiter kids are mean and strict!!

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Camp Half-Blood. It's friendlier.

I think that camp half blood is better then camp jupiter camp jupiter is to strict then camp jupiter.

Camp Half-Blook 100%! When the author descrines the setting of Camp Jupiter, I just don't like how it's layed out and how the campers act (well maybe the showers, they seem cool). Camp Half-Blood has a rock climbing wall and the woods which stay there unlike in Camp Jupiter where they have to set up to play war games. And also I think I like the environment at Camp Half-Blood better because they're fun and layed back!

Camp Half-Blood. All the way! way more simple and way more fun.

Camp Half-Blood because here people are more fun and laid back like Juliet said. They enjoy their stay at camp. Not that i'm saying campers from CJ are not having fun it's just they're more into serious kind of stuffs. Plus, the satyrs in CJ are not respected like in Camp Half-Blood.

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Cece you are absolutely right..the satyrs need to be respected
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