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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) Alright, so I applied and that's pending, but I already have a question for you based on the species: Lycans. So, what I've learned about them is that they are NOT forced to transform on the Full Moon, but have a choice to such. Werewolves were forced, as I remember. They also exhibit more strength than Werewolves, and speed and intelligence.

Now, my question is this: What should I do if what I know contradicts what you posted?

♥Sex Kitten♥ Go with what she posted.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) Aight, then. Thanks.

Winter Rose Phantom Cn you explain the Shillings(Coins) roles to me, and What's a Usertitle and signature?

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Im quite curious...is there a HUGE difference between a Siren and a Mermaid? If so, what IS the difference? I read the description of a siren that you posted, and I thought it was valid. The only issue i see for my character that i invisioned is the feeding part...on mens souls...but, its still cool! Id love to RP that!!!! So, yeah. Thats my question

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And...men can be sirens too, right? I just noticed that the paragraph only says 'she'. If not, then thats cool too.

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Oooooo....Thanks. I appreciate you answering! But now im left stumped. What species should i make my male character...? *looks back at the list* ahhh...back to the drawing board

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True, true. Help me out for a moment, if you dont mind. I need a species that sort of has a girly feel to it...Not too frilly, i need confidence too...but for a male character. I was looking at an angel, but...i dunno if i could rp that and succeed in the process of not looking like i know nothing about the subject...

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True, true...i dunno, ill think about it. Sorry to bother you...

Winter Rose Phantom Asking a question as a mod, hmm......Can I make A town thread so I can get my character into the roleplays somehow?

Winter Rose Phantom Can I tinker with the settings a bit? To fix something that's been bugging me?

Winter Rose Phantom The amount of threads in the folders, I know there's more, but I cant see them and it bugs me.

Winter Rose Phantom Thanks^^'

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) Question: When are we doing the featured character thingymahjig?

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) Oh, okay!

Winter Rose Phantom And the Banner in the profile, what is that?

Winter Rose Phantom Okay:3

Winter Rose Phantom Since My Character, Jasmine, lives in the forest can she have friends that are animals, but not neccisarrily pets?

Winter Rose Phantom Cool, Thanks^^

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