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message 1: by Henry (new)

Henry Brown (machinetrooper) Just wondering if there are more blogs out there which favor this genre. My "Two-Fisted Blog" is mostly about A/A (fiction and film), and I have a few similar blogs linked there (Post Modern Pulps, Glorious Trash, New Pulp Fiction, Atomic Pulp, Megalith...). But I'm always on the lookout for more.

message 2: by Danielle The Book Huntress , Literary Adrenaline Junkie (new)

 Danielle The Book Huntress  (gatadelafuente) | 4751 comments Mod
Great idea, Henry.

Can you post the link to your blog?

message 3: by Henry (new)

Henry Brown (machinetrooper) My pleasure, Danielle:

I'm glad I found this group, BTW.

message 4: by C.S. Splitter (new)

C.S. Splitter | 234 comments Henry,

If you hear of other blogs like yours, I would certainly love to know about them. It seems that most blogs are dedicated to other genres (horror, fantasy, YA, speculative fiction, etc..).

I appreciate getting reviews on those blogs, but they are usually stepping outside of their preferred genres to read my work. Even with a good review from the blogger, how many of their followers are also going to step outside of their comfort zone?


message 5: by Henry (new)

Henry Brown (machinetrooper) I know just what you mean, CS. I ran into the same trouble. Of course, since being published, I've found the blogs mentioned above. Maybe I can get some reviews from them when my next one comes out.

If I find more, they'll likely wind up on my blog roll when I do.

I invite you and any others with an interest in this kind of fiction to follow the 2-fisted blog if you care to.

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