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Welcome! So yes what did you decide on for a topic??

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I like it. A couple years later sounds a bit drastic though. Maybe like a couple months? Lol. And maybe like they see each other at the hospital before they get separated. And like the guys get knocked unconscious in the car crash...and the girl starts like making out with him and crying and goes into shock and falls in love then and then they get separated in they they...*Tears up* Lol

But yeah. We can start before the car crash and roleplay all that through. Or we can start later. Though that might be confusing. (Post your reply but I have to go to bed :(

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Yeah i guess.

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Ethan Jackson

Age: 18
Personality: Outgoing and fun. Enjoys practical jokes.
Looks: (See photo)
History: Not much to say. He lives a normal life and has all his limbs and fingers...and toes.

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^^That. No dots. Space between g and s. No spaces anywhere else.

Anyways yeah I like her. Do you wanna start or shall I?

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((Welcome. Will you start I have to take a shower.))

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((Well I'm back so I guess I'll post something and we can rp it if you want to and if you like it from there.))

Ethan walked up the front steps of Alice's house. They had decided to spend the day together,just them,while both their parents were out of town. Their parents despised each other. It made the two feel like Romeo and Juliet...the not dating version. No these two were just friends. Close close close friends,For now anyway.

He pulled out his key ring and unlocked the door. He had a key to her house and she one to his so they could visit as they pleased...without getting caught by the 'rents. He pushed open the door and shoved his keys into his pockets before shutting the door and walking the familiar path to the living room.

Alice was 18 and beautiful. Both teens had thick black hair and pretty eyes. She was now on the couch with the tv on. "Hey," Ethan said smiling before plopping down on the couch beside her. He wrapped his arms around her in a hug before turning his attention to the tv. "Watcha watching?"

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'Cool.' He said wrapping his arms around herand p ulling herinto his lap. He rested his head on her shoulder and breathd in deeply. 'What do you wanna do? Just hang out and watch this a little while?' (Im on. My nook :/)&

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he shrugged behi ed her. 'I dont know. They were out visiting friends soooo probably a fewdays. Why? You planning something?'

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''.not really. But. Really do you wanna go somewhete and do something. Fun. While r parents are. Gone?'

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He nodded,"Sure. We can go up there watch a movie for a couple hours. When we come back it will probably be dark so then we can go get pizza and eat it on the couch. Hows that sound?"

He sat her back down on the couch space beside him and smiled. Alice had changed a lot in the five years he known her. Over the years she had become more and more... attractive. As she did it became harder for Ethan to be 'just friends' around her.

((Oh hey howabout they get back from food and movies and there sitting on the couch and they kiss and then there parents walk in and they all get in a fight and then Ethan and Alice run out and are in the car leaving when the wreck happens))

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((What he is wearing:


Ethan stood with her and offered her his arm. Did she notice his clothes? His cologne? Probably not. They may be friends-Ugh he hated that word-but she was waaay out of his league. At least he thought so. He gave her a smiled to hide the feeling he had inside.

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Should he try to make a move? Would it destroy their friendship? He had to try. As she took his arm he pulled her closer to them where their bodys were against each other. He smiled timidly to see her reaction.

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She had gasped....had he scared her? Did she like it? She had just gotten out of a bad relationship....did Ethan move to fast? He saw her face reddened. That was a bad sign was it not? Ethan blushed slightly as well. The smile that formed across her lips broke the ice. Did she like it? He didn't say a word. Just smiled back at her.

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Alice looked puzzled. But why?!?! What is something he had said? Did? Did he go to far in a tiny amount of time??? His heart melted when she smiled,as did his legs and arms until they felt like jelly.
Ethan didn't know what happened but one minute he was standing and the next he was laying on the couch with his best friend of five years. His arms were around her and his face was next to hers. She was laying comfortably on top of him. It was awkward yes but....in the same way it was the greatest feeling he had ever felt.

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He smiled at her. She made no attempt to move. Something Ethan saw as a good thing. "Its okay," he whispered. "Its....its..." Ethan built up enough courage to finally say it. "Its actually kinda nice. I like it."

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Ethan shifted around a bit. "I don't know. I guess...well we finally are doing more then,'oh hey pal,whats up friend.' It feels like...like..." Ethan had a word he was thinking of but getting the courage to say that was waaaaay more trickier.

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"Like we're finally how we're supposed to be. Together," he smiled timidly at the beautiful girl on top of him.

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"Yeah," he said a smile forming across his face.

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Ethan got up and wrapped his arms around her. "Yes I'm sure! I'm not Jake. I love you truly. You of all people should know that." Ethan could not believe he had admitted that out loud but,...it felt good.

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"Okay just remember. I...i like you," he leaned forward and kissed her lips. "Does that help the healing?" He prayed for a yes answer.

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He smiled and kissed her harder.

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He stopped looking at her puzzled. "Okay what can I do to help you heal?..Slowly."

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"Alice!" he wrapped his arms tighter around her. Alice...I love you. I've known you forever and i. love. you. So much." He leaned closer. I know what you went through. I was there. Alice,I want to be with you."

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Ethan smiled gently and pulled her closer in a bear hug. He laid his head on her shoulder and rocked side to side slightly.

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"I've always been here for you and I always will be," he whispered pulling his head back to look her in the eyes.

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"If our parents found out then they would have to get used to it." he smiled gently and brushed a lock of hair behind her ear. "Where do you wanna go? What do you wanna do?"

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"Yeah. I wanted to know if you sill wanted to go."

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He smiled and led her to his truck down the street and they headed to th movies.

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Ethan smiled listening. When he pulled in the parking lot he let the truck sit idle so she could finish the current song.

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Ethan laughed. "You have a beautiful voice!"

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He smiled and got out of the truck before opening the door for her and extending a hand.

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Ethan smiled as they went into the movies.

(Time skip?...?))

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Ethan smiled at her as he carried the left over pizza in and set it on the counter. "Did you like the movie?" he asked her.

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He listened for a little while before shutting her up with a kiss.

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"Soo good movie?" he asked pulling away.

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Ethan cocked his head slightly. "Something wrong?"

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He chuckled. "I think you had to much candy at the movie," he joked. "Yes I liked it"

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Ethan leaned closer. He was able to smell the candy on her breath. "I'm going to kiss you more my hyper," he whispered.

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((Mrs. not my))

He laughed. "Yes you are. Smell your breath. You smell like a candy sore." he grinned. "In a very good way."

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"No. Now it just smells reeeeally good." he smiled.

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He laughed and kissed her. "Even better. I think this one is my favorite."

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Ethan smiled at her.

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"Of what?" he asked.

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He smiled and kissed her cheek.

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He kissed her softly back. He held back just a little in case she still needed healing.

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