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((what kind of rp do ya wanna do?))

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I'm pretty much up for anything so idc. :) ummmm how about a summer camp one, or vampire, highschool, foster home, mental hospital, ummmm wereworlf, umm idk..

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Sure! :) Wanna have 2 characters each or one each?;O

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Kay! :) :S I didn't see the post. Wanna make ur characters first?;O

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kk! ;S I never got this email...I really gotta figure out y....

Name: Payton "Patty" Klarissa
age: 19
Slave or Master: Slave
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Personality: (idk. let me think about this..)
Other: Her brothers died when she was 16 and was never able to get over it. Her parents never loved her, and they barely even noticed she was ever there. She'd done many things to get them to realize she was here such as being guys home that only wanted to get laid, dressing slutty around the house, always coming home late, once even smoking.Then her brother died she fell into a deep depression that caused her to cut herself and drink a lot. That's how she ended up at this point in her life.

One sec i'll make my other one

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Name: Ryan Raynaux
Age: 16

Personality: Depends who you are.
Other: Has a drinking problem. Has since he was 14.

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